Great Women In Fraud

Episode 10 Nicole Landau, CFE

December 02, 2020 Kelly Paxton, CFE
Great Women In Fraud
Episode 10 Nicole Landau, CFE
Great Women In Fraud
Episode 10 Nicole Landau, CFE
Dec 02, 2020
Kelly Paxton, CFE

Nicole Landau is a CFE that specializes in construction fraud.  I was lucky enough to meet her in person pre-COVID thanks to Dan Ramey.  Nicole got into fraud investigations by seeing her boss get their CFE. She thought it looked interesting and so she also did it.  Next thing she knew she was on her way to Texas for her first investigation.  The fraud bug stuck and it changed her career trajectory.  If you are in audit and looking for someone who has made it to fraud investigations, Nicole has done it.  
Nicole has built her career via networking.  Take time to reach out to Nicole on LinkedIn. She provides lots of great content.  

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Nicole Landau is a CFE that specializes in construction fraud.  I was lucky enough to meet her in person pre-COVID thanks to Dan Ramey.  Nicole got into fraud investigations by seeing her boss get their CFE. She thought it looked interesting and so she also did it.  Next thing she knew she was on her way to Texas for her first investigation.  The fraud bug stuck and it changed her career trajectory.  If you are in audit and looking for someone who has made it to fraud investigations, Nicole has done it.  
Nicole has built her career via networking.  Take time to reach out to Nicole on LinkedIn. She provides lots of great content.  

Episode 10 Nicole Landau 

Nicole Landau Show Notes

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Kelly Paxton: Okay, here we are today and with another great woman in fraud Nicole Landau, and we had been connected on LinkedIn, but a co- mentor of ours. Dan Ramey really made the connection at the Colorado, ACFE conference last year, we actually got to meet in person and

I love your stuff because it is so actionable and construction fraud is rampant i is what I've seen. So why don't you give us a little bit of background of how you got into fraud and how you specialized in construction.

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Nicole Landau: Absolutely. So the way that I got started into fraud. I was in industry. I worked at a large retailer and I was in their internal audit group.

And my manager had his CFE at that point and said, Nicole. You would absolutely love studying for this. Even if you never use it, study for your CFE and get it. So I did that and I absolutely loved it and When I was an industry. I decided I wanted to go the public accounting route so I switched and went into public accounting

Working in internal audit groups. So when companies didn't have their own internal audit group, they would outsource it to us and we were their internal audit group.

One afternoon. I think it was a Friday afternoon my boss called

And said, Hey, Nicole. You have your CFE, right. And I'm like, Yeah, what do you need. She's like, I'm going on vacation. Next week, I need you to fly down to South Texas, one of our banking clients.

They've had a fraud. The OCC and the FBI are coming in next week. I need you to go down and work this case. So this was the first case I ever worked

I took a staff member with me and I was like, yeah, we got this. He had his CFE as well. We went down. We work the case.

We were on site for a week and did all the documentation got to work with the OCC, the FBI.

So that was my first experience. A few months later, same client, they call again. Hey, we've had a second case, we need you to go down again. So that's how I got into fraud absolutely loved it.

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Nicole Landau: Continued with my internal audit career, but then decided I wanted to do something else out on my own. I didn't like working in industry anymore is kind of getting tired of the same internal audit. So I launched my own business.

And really focused on construction. So with all my construction clients I do some construction accounting, but also internal audit I bring those internal controls into each engagement on the accounting side.

 Most of them have one person in house with a single bookkeeper so I really try to educate them. Not that anybody's doing anything wrong, but let's beef up our internal controls and that's really my focus is to bring that audit experience and fraud prevention to all my construction clients.

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Kelly Paxton: Yeah, I was on a podcast. That's for construction and I'm totally spacing it but I'm

Randall Dehart and maybe I introduced you to him too, but

Yeah, yeah. So he does a podcast about construction. And when you think about it, you go to like Home Depot and you see

You know construction professionals and you walk by their truck and there's just receipts everywhere and and and they're busy and they bring them into the office and they're like, here, take care of it. And there's just so many

 Potentials for fraud to happen in construction, I think.

 What are some of the, what are, what are some of the

I'm not going to say coolest cases but funnest cases, you've worked on in construction.

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Nicole Landau: And so I had a whistleblower case where somebody alleged that there is all this fraud going on and we need to come in and see the C suite people. And so we went in and did a case on like overbillings, that there was some kickbacks going on. So we did the investigation on that one.

 I've also had one where a controller basically was doing everything. It was a family business. The controller had

All the power in the world and could do everything. And so then we got called in to do the fraud investigation.

 And there was no documentation. So we couldn't really prove anything. We didn't really have a case because we have no idea what was going on.

 They were buying equipment for 50 $60,000 and doing a reimbursement through payroll. That's a huge red flag and there was no documentation. So we're like we can't prove if that was legitimate or not. If it was authorized no documentation whatsoever.

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Kelly Paxton: Yeah, I have become acquainted with a documentation expert. She's out of Seattle and when I became acquainted with her. I was like,

Everyone needs to have you. Because documentation is so important for not just fraud, but like, what if all of a sudden, God forbid, someone can't get to work from covert or passes from covert or whatever it is.

And you don't have any documentation, whether you going to do, right, I mean just not even the fraud aspect of it so so speaking of covert house coven impacting you and your business.

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Nicole Landau: It's been crazy, crazy busy on a good, good. No, I'm with all the PPP loans that are going on helping support all the clients through that.

But then also taking a look at. Okay. Are we just funneling money right now, and are we going to have a second surge coming up. And how do we prepare for the second and then all the documentation.

We're starting to get into that time where the forgiveness is coming out. There's new regulations, all the documentation. So it's been quite busy that is for sure.

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Kelly Paxton: Um, so have you not to not to like spoil anything. Have you seen fraught with the PPP loan and forgiveness forgiveness. Are you going to say there's like outright fraud or some people just really don't know what they're doing. Where are you going to land on that spectrum.

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Nicole Landau: I definitely think there's just outright fraud. I've been doing a series on LinkedIn, that's focused on PPP construction fraud.

I do a series on Fridays, and it really highlights and then I think you've seen some of this Kelly to

 Where they go out and buy cars. They go out and buy boats and then some of the arguments of the people who write in on the comments are like, well, if they already had the funds is legitimate.

 But there's so much more to it that I think the the non fraud. People want to argue that I don't know if they had the funds there, they might have. But that's part of the investigation is that we have to prove. We go by the facts and not just assume

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Kelly Paxton: Well, and this also goes to tone at the top.

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Kelly Paxton: I say hashtag covert fraudster hashtag pandemic profit here is like if you're barely making it and you've been furloughed and all the sudden, you know, the owner of the business is out buying a Maserati or like, you know, some crazy boat.

That goes to also the rationalization. So you kind of have the perfect fraud triangle storm of opportunity pressure and rationalization. How do you think thatcovid in like work from home is going to affect internal controls.

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Nicole Landau: I think that there's going to be lacks but within construction too. There's a lot of transaction volume and people are just trying to keep up

You also have to think about the home pressures to kids are at home kids are virtual learning. We're just trying to keep up with everything.

 So I think if if they had routines before it's like we're just trying to keep up on the day to day, we now have a lot more on our plate and so they might not be following the policies and procedures and the documentation, like we talked about

So I think there's a lot that's going on there.

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Kelly Paxton: And so do you have a personal motto for working for fraud internal audit.

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Nicole Landau: I always tell people be skeptical because I asked owners, I asked the question, Do you have any red flags or do you think anything's going on. I had this conversation last week with the construction company.

There's some red flags that I see. But I work these cases all the time. And so I just flat out ask, you know, do you have any concerns or. Has anything happened in the past.

 And the owner responded. I'm one of our core values is we're all about our people. And I'm like, Yeah, I understand that. But we still have to be skeptical and we still have to look for these red flags.

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Nicole Landau: I want to trust every employee. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. But we still have to use our judgment and things happen right the fraud triangle comes into place and we still have to investigate.

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Kelly Paxton: I was doing. I think was a podcast interview last week or something else. But, you know, there's the fraud triangle. There's the fraud diamond. There's the pentagon, you know, hexagon and everything

And I always stick with the fraud triangle because I think people remember threes. So you've got opportunity pressure and rationalization. And when you have a business owner, like a construction company.

Like, if we go into the hexagon or the Pentagon. Their eyes are going to glaze over, but the triangle. I think they can really get pressure opportunity and rationalization. Would you agree to keep it simple for them.

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Nicole Landau: Absolutely.

Because once you start talking fraud or internal controls, they're done.

They're not letting me at all.

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Kelly Paxton: I'm so this is kind of the section insights for the listeners, if you could turn back time and talk to your 18 year old self, and you know that's not as long ago for you as it is for me. What would you tell yourself.

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Nicole Landau: I would say find the passion and go after it. When I first got in as a CFP, I loved it, but I didn't know anybody who actually did this work. I was like, oh, this is great. How do I use it

And I didn't have the right connections and it hasn't been until the last like three, four years, even when I started my own practice of

Making that network and finding other people that do this because I'm very passionate about it and I just wanted to find other people that were doing it to saying, yeah, I can actually have a career in this

And I talked to somebody, last week, who said I would love to get my CFE, but it's more of a passion project. I'm not going to pursue

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Nicole Landau: And I told them. It's not too late, you can still do it. Find their network and go for it.

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Nicole Landau: So I would say go for it. If this is really what you want to do. There's a lot of people within our industry that are open to share everything. And it's a great network.

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Kelly Paxton: Oh my gosh. I mean, again, like Dan happiness. Be sure to meet at the conference and everything and it was just, yeah, that's the thing is And I come from a finance law enforcement background and we always keep our sources tight and I had a really hard time giving putting that away.

And so much more has come from sharing networking and giving my sources away than I would have ever done by keeping my sources tight. I just

People are really passionate to help each other. I mean that's why great WOMEN IN PROD started it truly started because

I we get so many people that would reach out and say I want to do this, how can I do this, and you know, I'm like, I can't keep doing this on my own on one off. So let's do it in a bigger sort of version. So, um,

 Who, who or what are the best resources that have helped you along the way in your fraud career and I'm going to say, you know, you're, you're one of the leaders in fraud, especially construction fraud.

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Nicole Landau: I would say LinkedIn has been huge for me and for my career. And that's how we met Kelly, like I messaged you was like, hey, I'm going to this conference next week. I see you're speaking. Let's meet and Dan knows you and Dan introduced us

 I've also met another person that does construction fraud in the northwest up in your region and Kelly you introduced me to Melissa as well. And I've talked to her multiple times. And there's so many people on LinkedIn and Leah.

 So many people that they're like, Yeah, I'm open to talk you just messaged them. You start engaging with their posts, they reach out so that has been beneficial for my my career.

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Kelly Paxton: Yeah, I would say, I love like done. I mean, I couldn't grow. What I've done without LinkedIn. Absolutely. There's no way. I mean, what would I be doing sending out

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Kelly Paxton: Postcards with great women in fraud or postcards with pink collar crime. It just, it wouldn't it wouldn't work. So yeah, and what is one common myth about being a fraud professional that you want to debunk

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Nicole Landau: That it doesn't happen to small businesses and also the second part of that is that we don't have the funds to prevent it, or to fully investigate it.

 I work with the smaller businesses and construction and they just want it to go away. They think they get rid of the person and it's gone, but it really isn't.

 And so that's when they need an expert to come in to help them, strengthen their processes. So it doesn't happen for the next round. When they do hire somebody else.

 And you can find somebody that's affordable to it. I mean, it's not cheap, but it's definitely worth the money in the long run.

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Kelly Paxton: Oh my God, you are so singing to me because, like, and this is not a diss of the big for anything like that but

Who can afford the big four. And that's why I called Pink collar crime, the crime on Main Street Main Street.

Oftentimes can't afford the big four and they're the ones I mean you look at the ACFE Report to the Nation's the smaller that in the businesses with less than 100 employees have losses twice as big, is the businesses with more and you can afford. I mean, so yeah, just

 Just because you can't afford the big four or I'm going to say just a huge accounting firm that's regional doesn't mean that you can't get training.

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Nicole Landau: Absolutely.

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Kelly Paxton: Yeah. And the big four. I mean, they give out a ton of stuff. I mean, the grant thornton isn't a big for but they're anti fraud playbook. They've given it to anyone.

 And it's such an incredibly valuable resource, but I'm doing a consulting gig right now. And they had no idea that the anti fraud playbook existed.

Like, and I don't have to recreate it for them at their expense.

 Which is just yeah so small business being able to fight it on a reasonable basis. And it's, you know, penny wise, don't be penny wise pound foolish and yeah, absolutely.

 Um, so I know you do this, but this. How do you continue to learn in order to stay on top of things and you are so good at this, because I know you go to conferences, but what are some other secret sources for you or just things you really like to read to keep up on

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Nicole Landau: I think podcast even like this podcast just listening to other fraud podcasts and it doesn't have to be fraud specific but also within your industry if you're specialized in small business or construction.

 Listen to those construction podcasts. That's what I do a lot and I listened for these red flags or concerns of what they're

 What they're seeing in their businesses. It doesn't have to be fraud specific but just know what's going on in the industries that you specialize in. There's so much content out there.

 Even if you're not reading, but you know there's hashtags on LinkedIn. There's podcasts to listen to. There's so many resources now, and especially with Kobe and everybody's at home. There's so much more content and webinars going on right now.

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Kelly Paxton: Oh yeah, yeah, we are like two sisters from different mothers because podcasts are huge for me. I love to read, but also the going seeing what's happening in other industries is so important. And then there is a ton of content out there and there's free content. There's paid content. someone nicknamed me the fraud hashtag Queen and I did it to start keeping track of what I was posting, but it really is helpful if you want to dig into a specific topic. It is so incredibly helpful.

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Kelly Paxton: If you can work in a different job field, would you, what would it be

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Nicole Landau: I always say retirement in retirement. I'm going to be doing something different, but I'm really passionate about helping kids with budgeting and still financial

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Nicole Landau: Of that's something I want to do with like the financial piece Dave Ramsey teaching that to high schoolers.

 That was something that was very helpful for me when I was in high school and getting started and I would love to do that. So it's still somewhat related, but I would just do it for fun.

 If it's teaching classes or being on site and talking to kids here where I live. There's a teacher who reached out that they had portfolios.

 And they had to put a resume. Together they had to put a budget together what they thought real world life costs and they're way off.

 But it was fun to go in and see kind of where their careers were held and where they were headed and to get them started. So I would do something along those lines.

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Kelly Paxton: That's so funny because like i started in the financial services. And I said, I learned how to help people invest money and then I learned how to

 Catch people who had stolen money and now you know it's all about pink collar crime, but my daughter listens to do you follow the my first 100 K

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Nicole Landau: I do not know.

00:17:49.470 --> 00:18:01.350

Kelly Paxton: Oh, it's a young woman in Seattle, and she saved her first hundred thousand dollars by age 26 or something. And so you should follow her. I don't know if she has a podcast but my daughter's like obsessed with her and it's

: So maybe that would be a resource for these because yeah it's again there is so much content and look at this young woman who I don't know how many followers, she has. But she's creating a movement for people to be financially independent early

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Kelly Paxton: See, you're actually learning something from this podcast.

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Nicole Landau: There we go.

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Kelly Paxton: How long do you think it's taken you to see success and I'm saying you are very successful.

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Nicole Landau: Um, I've switched my career. So when I first started out on my own. I focused on the accounting piece because that's what I knew, and I knew internal controls and like I said

 I didn't have the network. When I first started, and it's been within the last few years of really building my fraud network.

 I always had this passion, but I didn't know you could actually have a career in it. So that's where I've kind of shifted over the last few years, and said,

 Yes, I can do this. And I've built my network and let's go for it. Now it's finding the right message, like I said in construction.

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Nicole Landau: Nobody wants to talk about internal controls. Nobody wants to talk about fraud but they need this. So I'm passionate about disrupting this industry.

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Nicole Landau: And still talking about it. They might not want to know about it, but it's very important. So it's finding that language.

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Nicole Landau: And still going after it. So that's where I want to be just a disrupter in this and continue to move forward. So I've had several career changes, but I think this is finally this is my sweet spot. I've always found it, but I'm just now exploding it and growing it even more.

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Kelly Paxton: You are the construction fraud disrupter I love

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Kelly Paxton: That

00:19:42.660 --> 00:19:43.830

Nicole Landau: That's what I'm going after.

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Kelly Paxton: Well, you know, and people, it's optimism bias. We think bad things are never going to happen to us like you know

That that guy next to me in the conference, he's gonna get ripped off, but I'm so smart. I'm not going to get ripped off. Right. And so we have that optimism bias and it actually like

 It helps us be successful. But at the same time, we have to understand that.

 You know, I can show you. As I said before, an astronaut who's been ripped off a brain surgeon who's been ripped off. It doesn't matter how smart you are, how successful

It's a matter of really the fraud triangle opportunity pressure and rationalization so um yeah like people when I talk to people and they find out what I do.

 They pay a little closer attention, but they're also scared because their gut is like going oh my god yeah that's that happens in my office. Oh, that happens in my office and you know they just like kind of panic and then they'd say, I have a friend. What would happen if my friend.

 Yeah, yeah, I like that though construction fraud disrupter

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Kelly Paxton: Um, so, uh, what advice would you give, and I think I know what it's going to be to someone who is entering the field of fraud and anti fraud.

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Nicole Landau: I would say find a mentor. Somebody who already does it go after it. Dan Ramey, and we've talked about him multiple times. He has been a huge advocate for me. We worked in public accounting together. He was my boss at one point.

 And it's come full circle. He left the firm. I left the firm. We went different paths, but we still kept in contact and Dan has been a huge mentor.

 We've worked fraud cases together. We've worked a couple. Now, we're still on one together. So I would say find a mentor that can help you get started, but also bring you along to work cases with them.

 Like, like we mentioned this community has been huge. And even Melissa she we've talked before. And she's like, Hey, let's work a case together. Let's partner together. So there's so many people that want to keep the trade going and teach other people and bring other people up.

 So that's my number one is find good mentors and build your network and don't be afraid. Just because you follow them. We have Kelly Patterson, who speaks all the time. Reach out Kelly has been awesome too. And

 You know, people love talking about what we do. So don't be afraid to reach out to somebody

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Kelly Paxton: Well, yeah. And you know, I have this someone reached out to me. This was months ago and they wanted to have a phone call and, you know, have a LinkedIn messages work they dropped down

00:22:15.240 --> 00:22:18.510

Kelly Paxton: And I didn't write it down or if I did write it down. I don't know where it is.

00:22:19.320 --> 00:22:25.110

Kelly Paxton: And I feel terrible. And what I tell because I there's no way I can find who the person is

00:22:25.410 --> 00:22:32.760

Kelly Paxton: And I tell people if someone doesn't respond to you, you don't know, like maybe they're in the midst of a move or something like this and

 Reach back out. If the second time they don't respond to you. You know what, then maybe they just they're not that type of person, but I still feel terrible that there's a person out and LinkedIn land who reached out to me.

 And I think it was like at the beginning of covid and I just, you know, but I feel badly that, you know, so if someone doesn't answer me the first time.

 Try it again. And if they don't answer you. The second time. Okay, maybe they're just not one of those people who wants to really share or they're just too busy. It's like me, reaching out to

You know, Cynthia Hetherington is huge in the open source. She always responds, she has responded, since the first time I stalked her in 2009. I mean, it's really 

 And she makes time for it. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer but and she even says if I don't respond is because life happens and you know it got shut down the LinkedIn messages.

So I tell people reach out because most people really want to help. And I think in this great women in fraud community. They definitely want to help, they

Absolutely. Want to help

 Um, so since covid has happened.

 And you know it's changed things you've, you've done some speaking engagements. Do you want to continue to do those when we get back out on the road again. Is that something that

00:23:52.200 --> 00:23:55.800

Nicole Landau: You love meeting people in person. It's so much better.

 Be able to have lunch with them sit beside them in a conference and say, hey, I think I know you and share connections and talk to get, get to know them.

But also to hear their stories too. There's so much fraud going on that doesn't get reported or doesn't

It doesn't make mainstream so I love setting by people and saying, Hey, what have you been working on lately and getting to know more of those stories. That's how we learn to you and keep current

00:24:22.620 --> 00:24:33.150

Kelly Paxton: Yeah, absolutely. So there's a one statistic out there that says only 15% of all embezzlement cases get turned into law enforcement and your experience with your clients.

Can you give, give us a ballpark of how many times, if someone sees an embezzlement, they go to law enforcement or they don't. And what's the reason for either side of it.

00:24:42.600 --> 00:24:47.730

Nicole Landau: I would say it's very low. I don't know if I have a percentage, but usually they're embarrassed.

 They just want it to go away. There's so much more going on that they just get rid of the person and move on. Is usually how they handle it and they don't talk about it. They don't go to law enforcement. They feel like they're too small. And it's going to take too much to get it fixed.

 So, usually they just move on.

00:25:06.270 --> 00:25:15.690

Kelly Paxton: Yeah, that's unfortunate. The shame in the humiliation and I had a case recently where a woman did go to law enforcement and the law enforcement, like this is simple.

 And it wasn't civil it absolutely was not civil and in my estimation. After an hour long call with her, I said.

You know this woman's a serial embezzler she keeps it at $1 size just small enough that the cops aren't going to want to deal with it.

 And this woman could afford to lose. Well, who can afford to lose it. But she could. And I said,

You know you're talking two years of your life, you're going to be hiring an attorney and she's a serial Grifter and she's you know she knows she knows the drill. She keeps it below a certain amount. So the cops just think it's, you know, this isn't worth it.

 Absolutely, yeah. It's unfortunate when people don't go to law enforcement, but I do understand it because I always tell business owners, you need to get back to doing what you do best.

 And leave it to the professionals. Yep.

00:26:03.900 --> 00:26:15.570

Nicole Landau: And how many times do you know somebody that investigates fraud. You're not going out and networking with people who investigated for fun. So sometimes they don't know where to go or what to do. So they just handle it themselves and move on.

00:26:16.650 --> 00:26:27.450

Kelly Paxton: Right. And I mean that can cause some problems in and of itself. I'm always hired by an attorney. And they're like, oh god. So not only do I have to hire you. I've got to go hire an attorney who cost twice as much as you and I'm like,

 Unfortunately, you do, and you know we give them the reasons why. But then, right, then they're kind of like this is really going to cost me some money.

00:26:36.600 --> 00:26:37.740

Nicole Landau: Absolutely, yeah.

00:26:37.890 --> 00:26:45.060

Kelly Paxton: And and people are kind of like, What do you mean, law enforcement isn't going to investigate this for me it's they have limited resources.

00:26:45.210 --> 00:26:51.660

Kelly Paxton: Mm hmm. So, yeah, yeah. So where can we find you online. You're great online.

00:26:52.950 --> 00:26:59.460

Nicole Landau: I would say, LinkedIn, we talked about LinkedIn quite a bit. I'm pretty active on LinkedIn. That would probably be my number one.

00:27:00.360 --> 00:27:15.780

Nicole Landau: And it's an IC o le Nicole Landau LA and da, you just shoot me a note over there and I'm happy to hop on a call, just like we said that open to share anything that I can with anybody, but that's probably the best resource.

00:27:16.650 --> 00:27:23.940

Kelly Paxton: See, again, this is just like, this is great WOMEN IN FRAUD everyone I've had on is like just hit me up. Give me, you know, give me a shout out.

00:27:24.180 --> 00:27:25.890

Kelly Paxton: We want to help everyone

00:27:27.060 --> 00:27:42.630

Kelly Paxton: And then this is a question I always asked when I did background investigations and, you know, and then investigations what question. Haven't I asked you that you're like, why is it she asking me this. Is there something that you're like, I really want to get this in this is your chance.

00:27:43.320 --> 00:27:49.680

Nicole Landau: Um, I don't think there's one specific I think you've covered most of most questions.

00:27:50.190 --> 00:27:52.320

Kelly Paxton: Okay. That is awesome. That is

00:27:52.710 --> 00:28:01.170

Kelly Paxton: So I am so glad. And this, again, a huge shout out to Dan Ramey and we will have them even though it's great women in fraud. It doesn't mean we're only having women guests.

00:28:01.380 --> 00:28:18.240

Kelly Paxton: Dan Ramey will definitely be a guest because he's been so important in two of my episodes so far mentoring women. And so we will definitely have him on. And the other thing is, what is the last thing. You Googled before this interview.

00:28:24.360 --> 00:28:26.070

Nicole Landau: That is a great question.

I don't know. I'm struggling with that one. I don't know if I Googled anything this. Oh, actually. So my daughter, my four year old. She is we're enrolling for kindergarten next year.

 So I had to Google where to go to get open enrollment start started today and I

 It's a lottery system and I want her to get into. There's a couple of schools that are on our list. So I had a Google where to go, because it's not on like the school's website there's like a lottery for the entire district. So I Googled

 How do I get my daughter signed up for kindergarten next year.

00:29:01.680 --> 00:29:03.720

Kelly Paxton: Oh my gosh, that's so exciting.

 I mean, truly, and like, what would you do if we didn't have the internet.

00:29:08.880 --> 00:29:11.100

Nicole Landau: I don't know you.: Lost. I wouldn't even know when it was because she doesn't start kindergarten till august of next year and it's only November right now. So I would have been she, I don't know what we would have done homeschooling, I guess, and she learned all about fraud.

00:29:24.420 --> 00:29:27.540

Kelly Paxton: That's a little young to learn about fraud but you know

It think about the kids that are in first grade, and they belong to a sports club and that nice woman or the nice coach steals from them and at age six they learn that oh ups that nice person stole from me. So your daughter would have just learned it a little sooner than that.

00:29:44.370 --> 00:29:45.450

Nicole Landau: Yes, definitely.

00:29:46.080 --> 00:29:55.500

Kelly Paxton: Well, Nicole. I can't thank you enough. And you are a great woman in fraud and you are the construction fraud disrupter. I love that. That's your new hashtag.

00:29:55.710 --> 00:30:03.930

Kelly Paxton: So thank you again for coming on and I know people are gonna want to reach out to you because you know you're just you're the type of person who's going to be helpful.

00:30:04.020 --> 00:30:07.140

Nicole Landau: So thanks. Thanks Kelly. Thanks for having me on. It's been great.

Nicole Landau Show Notes