Great Women In Fraud

Episode 31 Kim Green, PI Education & Pursuit Magazine

May 11, 2021 Kelly Paxton, CFE Episode 31
Great Women In Fraud
Episode 31 Kim Green, PI Education & Pursuit Magazine
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Welcome to episode 31. We are back to regular, scratch that, amazing guests for Great Women in Fraud.  Kim Green is truly amazing. She is a renaissance woman.  She writes, directs, is a flight instructor, is building her own eden and she keeps the PI community moving ahead.  I think you are going to get a lot out of this episode.  And it is her first time on this side of the mic.  I find that so weird because everyone should know about Kim.  Let’s go.

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Kelly Paxton: Okay, you know who we have today oh my God I'm so excited because this is Kim Green's  first time on this side of the table which I was shocked when I heard that because.

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Kelly Paxton: Like she should be on all the inner viewing investigating podcasts I just maybe everyone's too scared to ask you, what do you think.

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Kim Green: I don't think anybody's scared to ask me.

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Kim Green: yeah I don't feel like I feel like the least intimidating person on earth.

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Kelly Paxton: Well you're like the nicest therefore you would be probably the least intimidating but maybe they just think you're so busy.

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Kelly Paxton: So Kim of pursuit magazine and many, many other things, why don't you give a little bit of a backstory to how you ended up being an influencer a business owner in the investigative world.

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Kim Green: backstory I am married to Hal Humphreys as probably you know, and everyone knows and so we've always been kind of a team and whatever we did so when we.

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Kim Green: When we were both flying we flew planes together when we thought about journalism we.

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Kim Green: dove into journalism and radio together and then, when how became a private investigator I got my license to now I don't have my license anymore, right now, but I did do.

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Kim Green: I did help him out when he started that business and I did surveillance gigs and learned about private investigations and then a few years later, when he bought P I Education and Pursuit Magazine that whole suite of.

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Kim Green: Online businesses it's you know education in media for private investigators I dove in with him and worked with him on creating courses and became the editor of pursuit does that sound like enough backstory Is that what you meant.

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Kelly Paxton: yeah yeah so I mean I met you guys a long time ago, through PI education in pursuit magazine, and I think I was on I did a podcast episode with you guys, like, I think it might have been my first one ever.

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Kelly Paxton: About pink collar crime and you guys were like way ahead of the curve for online courses, when you say.

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Kim Green: Well, you know we didn't start that business we bought it So yes, PI Education has been out there for a long time and I can't even off the top of my head think of.

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Kim Green: How long it's been a long time, but, and so I feel like we can't totally take credit for being ahead of the curve, you know I really appreciate your saying that but.

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Kim Green: yeah, I think, so I think and it's taken a lot of PIs a while to really get behind wanting to do online education it's fun to get together it's fun to see each other at conferences and have an excuse to go and be with people.

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Kim Green: But this can be a really convenient way to have more choices and, of course, this year, people have to have it so yeah I answered a lot of different questions there that you didn't ask.

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Kelly Paxton: Well that's The thing is, like you know you guys have such a wide variety of courses.

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Kelly Paxton: So, whereas I'm known as the pink collar crime embezzlement fraud person, but you look on your courses and you guys have like you know.

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Kelly Paxton: I want to say, like you know child death, you have so much that you can really niche down, and I think that's great because I don't know any other organization that does it.

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Kim Green: Thank you, we rely on the expertise of a whole lot of people, besides us, obviously, so you know some of the courses how wrote or I wrote, or we wrote together.

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Kim Green: And then, a whole lot of them a few we inherited when we bought the business and then a lot of other ones are written by other.

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Kim Green: People who have tons of experience and expertise in their things so it would be ridiculous for us to try to be experts in pink collar crime and write a course on that when.

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Kim Green: You should do that because you're the one who has spent so much time on it, and the same goes for other things like somebody's got an undercover investigations course.

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Kim Green: Brian Willingham if somebody's going to teach a lesson, it should be Brian you know it shouldn't be us so we're lucky to have all those colleagues are willing to play along and offer what they know to the Community.

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Kelly Paxton: Well, and I would say that they wouldn't do it if they didn't fully believe in you and how it for sure I wouldn't do it if I didn't believe in you and how so yeah.

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Kim Green: Thank you.

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Kelly Paxton: yeah so you have a really interesting background it like you said you've done a lot of different things, but one of the things like I kind of really got to one summer you guys were doing the camino in Spain.

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Kelly Paxton: And I think I reached out to you or something and like maybe a message came back oh we're not going to be we're.

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Kelly Paxton: gonna be in the Office like in a month, so but I'm howdy and then you, you have a Russian major um and you're you just quickly alluded to it, you are a flight instructor um how like How does that all add to do like you've had a lot of experiences.

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Kim Green: I am still trying to figure that out it's not it's definitely not a it's, not a single brand that makes any sense is it you know I can't I don't think I can define myself in one easy phrase, and the logo would be a disaster to try to include all that stuff but.

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Kim Green: I guess I just followed my interests and they kept leading weird places.

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Kim Green: And it's been fun I've had a great time and a lot of great experiences and then Hal came along, and he was willing to have weird experiences to so lucky me.

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Kelly Paxton: So do you guys have well, I mean we're still kind of sort of in COVID, but do you have any other amazing adventures coming up like you're going to do the Pacific CREST trail or the Appalachian trail or.

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Kim Green: I hope that one day, you know we've done the Camino twice and for those who don't know the Camino de Santiago it, it means a lot of things, but what most people think of is this specific.

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Kim Green: About 500 mile trek from the Pyrenees the French Pyrenees to Santiago to accomplish Stella and you can walk on to the sea if you like, and we did that twice two different summers and we loved it so much and we made so many lifelong friends that we hope that we'll do that again.

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Kim Green: The other, the main adventure that's happening right now is one that we can actually have during COVID, and that is.

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Kim Green: Probably about 15 years ago, how and I bought a little piece of land about an hour west of here by a river just a really rural place.

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Kim Green: And we've slowly been building a camp there so right now we have a like a screen treehouse kind of thing that we sleep in and a grill that we cook on and we actually have running water.

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Kim Green: And a real toilet that flushes, but it was years before we had that and so you can kind of imagine how that went.

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Kim Green: By the way, a using a bucket is possible, but sometimes was build nests in.

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Kelly Paxton: bucket oh.

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Kim Green: Just just imagine that for a second take a silent moment and think about the disaster of that and you'll see why I'm so happy that we have a real toilet now.

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Kim Green: Anyway, we go out there, most weekends, especially this year we went out there, because we could safely go there it's away from everyone and we go and we kayak or we just sit by the river and watch it go by, we've learned to cook on fire, which is so much fun and so delicious.

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Kim Green: And it's.

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Kim Green: it's the place where we feel the happiest and.

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Kim Green: The most peace so it's a quiet adventure.

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Kelly Paxton: Well, one of the things during coven that you guys really oh my gosh that pursuit happy hour and you have several of them out there at the camp.

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Kelly Paxton: And you know you can hear the little like I don't know what sort of birds and everything like that, but.

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Kelly Paxton: You and how just look so happy out there, but those push pursuit happy hours like I got someone who reached out to me that potentially had business, for me it didn't work out, but like he knew it from that you guys have really created quite the Community.

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Kim Green: Thank you Kelly that's really sweet of you to say, and you know, maybe.

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Kim Green: I guess the Community was always there and people just we all need excuses to spend time.

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Kim Green: And usually we're just so busy that nobody nobody takes the time to just sit and talk and be silly and tell jokes and have a drink.

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Kim Green: But coven what else, were we going to do you know so, so why not kill an hour every week or every two weeks or whatever it ended up being we.

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Kim Green: It was an excuse to spend time together with people we're all already we know about each other we're interested in each other, but we just we slow down long enough to pay attention.

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Kim Green: And I'm glad we did because I learned so much about people whose names I knew who I didn't know well at all.

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Kelly Paxton: Oh, my God Paul down in New Zealand, when I can go to New Zealand I'm going to meet Paul in person.

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Kim Green: Now he has a brand he could come up with a logo to define him pretty quickly, he is a great guy he's just so funny he's awesome.

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Kelly Paxton: yeah yeah and I'm kidding Chris reading and there are so many people and, like to actually put a face to it.

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Kelly Paxton: And I mean I don't go to a lot of private investigator tech conferences, I do the ACF fee but um you know I generally don't do those but I really, really enjoyed them and I just think that, like the people who didn't.

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Kelly Paxton: partake they really missed out oh my gosh like you know just to have that those connections.

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Kim Green: I, and I loved it too, and I think that once it got you know, the first time it was maybe 40 people or something and that's it's hard to make that work but, when it became.

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Kim Green: That was really the sweet spot That was really a lot of fun.

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Kelly Paxton: So I haven't been on clubhouse have you guys thought of clubhouse.

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Kim Green: It you know it just barely sort of came onto my radar I'm way less of an Earl I'm not an early adopter I should be considering we have tech businesses but um yeah I think we'll adopt that but we just gosh it is really hard to learn and there's.

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Kim Green: Not that I think clubhouse isn't going to be a hard thing to learn, but.

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Kim Green: You know how do you find time to include a new thing in your days but, but I would like to her, are you have you started it yet.

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Kelly Paxton: Are you doing anything with it no I've had a lot of invitations to do it, and then you know this year's been kind of crazy, so I haven't done it, I want to do it I'm just a little um I want to go into one and listen to one first, before I decide to fully commit.

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Kim Green: Right right well you know, the thing that I, I still wish I I want you to be my LinkedIn mentor because you are a super user of that platform, and I really just don't I m not doing it right.

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Kim Green: I don't know how to do it and I love, how you are fully engaged there, and you found your people there and they and they found you.

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Kelly Paxton: Well I'm so like this is just a foreshadowing I would love to do LinkedIn for investigators in their brand maybe not so much to investigate on LinkedIn I mean I could do that but.

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Kelly Paxton: I just this morning 11,111 connections, I was just like that's kind of weird number um but you know, the thing is is like.

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Kelly Paxton: The only people I don't accept are like bitcoin and forex traders, but otherwise I will accept people.

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Kelly Paxton: And someone like a year ago is like, why do you accept people and it's to spread the message, so my thing about LinkedIn is, you have to be helpful.

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Kelly Paxton: Like you have to put something that you like, I have, I have a colleague who.

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Kelly Paxton: He just post where he's going or where he's training and I'm like that's not helpful like post, something that like I'm going to xyz place but.

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Kelly Paxton: They asked me this question or you know do it so it's actually I try to be helpful and actually I just posted my podcast that just dropped today.

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Kelly Paxton: The word is defecation I've had two people who didn't know what the word default location is and I didn't know it either so like it was a helpful word so as long as you're trying to help people on LinkedIn.

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Kelly Paxton: And to connect people like I connect people all day long on LinkedIn I just I love it I so let's talk about a class for investigators to use it, because I've gotten work I definitely get work from LinkedIn I don't get it from Twitter, but I love Twitter.

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Kelly Paxton: And you have gotten better you how used to never even open it and now he at least opens it so that's good.

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Kim Green: yeah he doesn't.

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Kim Green: He doesn't love living out there in the social media space that much I enjoy Twitter and I think I get it a little bit more, you know it's really just.

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Kim Green: Twitter is like it's like a bar where you're just tossing jokes back and forth I don't know what the metaphor would be for LinkedIn it's something it's something different.

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Kim Green: What would that metaphor be what would What would the analogy be.

00:14:03.660 --> 00:14:06.960

Kelly Paxton: I don't know if it would be like you know, a Rotary meeting.

00:14:08.100 --> 00:14:11.310

Kelly Paxton: it's something like something a little more networking.

00:14:11.550 --> 00:14:15.060

Kelly Paxton: toastmasters yeah yeah something like that so.

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Kim Green: yeah but.

00:14:15.810 --> 00:14:17.190

Kelly Paxton: But you're getting out there.

00:14:18.570 --> 00:14:24.750

Kim Green: yeah I I think I don't what I don't have down is kind of the commenting I need to comment on other people's.

00:14:24.780 --> 00:14:33.840

Kim Green: posts more and just pay attention a little bit more, but you know your every your attempt ones, attention is finite and it's it's tough.

00:14:34.590 --> 00:14:46.620

Kim Green: But, but to me like as long as the one main thing is, I just want to go into the world interested in other people, and not just telling everyone about myself it's like.

00:14:47.190 --> 00:14:55.320

Kim Green: The way some people do social media it feels like sitting next to that board at the party who just drones on and on and on and brags you know.

00:14:55.650 --> 00:15:05.370

Kim Green: Nobody wants to sit next to that guy but the person who asks you about yourself, even if it's to cover shyness and awkwardness that person makes you feel great.

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Kelly Paxton: yeah so that's so funny so pre covered, it was like a year and a half ago I went to a dinner event and.

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Kelly Paxton: It was in Portland and there were rules, you have to be accepted, so it was a limited to like 3036 people you had to be accepted it wasn't inexpensive but one of the rules when you walked in was you could not say what you did for a living.

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Kelly Paxton: You asked so there was 20 minutes, where you couldn't say what you did for a living.

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Kelly Paxton: And then maybe it was longer than that, and then you sat down and you had dinner, and you still couldn't say, and then you kind of did the two truths and a lie, and then people tried to figure out what you did well, no one figured out what I did but um.

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Kelly Paxton: And I just heard this guy who's written a book you're invited by john levy, and I think the woman who did it in portland based it on his.

00:15:55.680 --> 00:16:05.280

Kelly Paxton: And so yeah it, it was so much fun to meet people, and you have no idea what they did you just you asked him about you know.

00:16:06.060 --> 00:16:17.460

Kelly Paxton: I don't know not what car you drive or you know what's the favorite hike you did recently or something like that so yeah it was really, really fun I could so See you in hell doing something like that in Nashville.

00:16:18.810 --> 00:16:26.520

Kim Green: It sounds like I mean the great thing about not saying what you do is that people just naturally when they talk about work they.

00:16:27.030 --> 00:16:35.220

Kim Green: Not everybody, but people tend to immediately sort themselves into a hierarchy of importance or coolness or whatever it is their value system is or success.

00:16:35.760 --> 00:16:46.200

Kim Green: And it's it's not fun it's it's I don't enjoy it, whereas if you're talking about anything but then you're talking a little bit more about your real self and you don't.

00:16:46.710 --> 00:16:55.500

Kim Green: It doesn't become a hierarchy it doesn't become a who's the coolest who's the most successful who you know, and I don't know about you, but.

00:16:56.010 --> 00:17:17.370

Kim Green: This year has made me care so much less about traditional ideas of what successes about power about achievements or awards or anything that impresses other people, I really I really just care about how I spend my days and how how I treat people yeah.

00:17:18.060 --> 00:17:21.300

Kelly Paxton: code is awful but it's not I mean.

00:17:23.700 --> 00:17:33.270

Kelly Paxton: there's been some good parts to it, I mean you know I were lucky, and then you have a tech company, and you can affect people all over.

00:17:34.080 --> 00:17:52.440

Kelly Paxton: I really had I was just teaching and training fraud examiners and auditors and CPA a's and now it's much broader because people can find you easier so and I don't have to hop on a plane every single time I go and do it so.

00:17:53.040 --> 00:18:06.570

Kim Green: yeah and you know as, as we know, some people have it so so so hard and I I feel incredibly grateful that we get to still do our work and we get to do it safely.

00:18:07.260 --> 00:18:16.950

Kim Green: And we have the kind of work that is not you know my days haven't changed all that much you know for a year we we moved this i'm in the studio here.

00:18:17.430 --> 00:18:31.470

Kim Green: But we moved to studio home, which, if you watched any of those weekly briefings that Hal and I shoot together you saw that the background went from a black curtain to a bookshelf or the backyard or whatever the kitchen.

00:18:33.210 --> 00:18:44.790

Kim Green: But that was really the main change, for me, you know for how there was a difference, he wasn't he didn't there were no jury trials and he didn't fly to Texas to work for his Defense attorneys but my days were very much like.

00:18:46.080 --> 00:19:03.120

Kim Green: They had been before so that's that's pretty lucky to not have my life terribly circumscribed I miss people, but I found ways to connect with people, all the same as like I'm sure you did the people you want to connect with you, will you will do it.

00:19:03.630 --> 00:19:13.440

Kelly Paxton: yeah absolutely so um you know, I have a list of questions, but I kind of just always you know go off on them, but I'm going to try and get.

00:19:13.770 --> 00:19:22.920

Kelly Paxton: I think this one's going to be fascinating for you just because of all the cool stuff you've done if you could turn back time and talk to your 18 year old self What would you tell yourself.

00:19:25.020 --> 00:19:32.760

Kim Green: don't make decisions about your life, based on what you think will impress other people think about how you want to spend your days.

00:19:33.750 --> 00:19:47.310

Kelly Paxton: yeah yeah so like I said earlier, you were a Russian major and biology Russian and biology I don't want to just the biology, if you went back to school is there anything different you would study.

00:19:49.980 --> 00:20:00.180

Kim Green: I think I might well knowing what I ended up doing, I think I might be more interested in studying history or like maybe I would stick with the Russian.

00:20:00.600 --> 00:20:08.610

Kim Green: But I might start instead of you know I didn't I obviously didn't really do anything with the biology, even though it's super interesting and a great subject.

00:20:09.810 --> 00:20:17.640

Kim Green: But now I love I love reading nonfiction and history and politics and philosophy and maybe I would go that direction, a little bit more.

00:20:19.200 --> 00:20:19.860

Kim Green: I think.

00:20:20.340 --> 00:20:22.410

Kim Green: I sometimes have, I have a recurring dream.

00:20:23.430 --> 00:20:30.240

Kim Green: Where I'm in college again and I'm looking at the course catalog and I'm so excited about what I'm going to take that's really nerdy I know but.

00:20:31.710 --> 00:20:34.530

Kim Green: We probably take more writing courses I barely wrote.

00:20:34.590 --> 00:20:42.330

Kim Green: it's so ridiculous I barely wrote in in college, because I had taken I've taken enough ap classes, that I kind of.

00:20:42.930 --> 00:20:54.780

Kim Green: A kind of a paid out of all the classes, I would have taken in college that would have had me writing will shoot I wasn't working on my writing for those four years really that that's a little bit of a regret I wish I'd worked on it more.

00:20:55.980 --> 00:21:10.020

Kelly Paxton: It really is a skill, when I was writing my book, and I had an editor and editor would send things back, I was like wow that and I took ap English always got to be Teresa Brandon always got to be um but.

00:21:10.830 --> 00:21:23.190

Kelly Paxton: it's a skill that you need to work on, and when I worked on it now, I see people is like you know just the wrong grammar not a big deal, but when you notice, if you notice it so.

00:21:23.640 --> 00:21:26.280

Kim Green: If you're a grammar nerd it's actually painful.

00:21:26.550 --> 00:21:27.000

Kelly Paxton: and

00:21:27.360 --> 00:21:33.480

Kim Green: I can't and it's I don't it's not that I'm judging because you either know it, or you don't and that's okay I don't.

00:21:33.960 --> 00:21:47.640

Kim Green: Really smart people just don't pay attention to grammar spelling or can't see and that's not a sign of nothing except not noticing, but my mom was an English teacher and so she made me so angel and I can't help it.

00:21:49.470 --> 00:21:51.480

Kim Green: It actually hurts my eyeballs you know.

00:21:52.260 --> 00:22:01.560

Kelly Paxton: Oh, my God that's so funny um if you could work in a different job field What would it be, would you be a pilot like a like a big plane.

00:22:02.910 --> 00:22:10.200

Kim Green: Well, you know that when you become a flight instructor that's where most of my colleagues were headed, they were all.

00:22:10.890 --> 00:22:18.030

Kim Green: Putting hours in the log book to get one of those heavy iron jobs or you know to fly corporate or to fly for the airlines.

00:22:18.870 --> 00:22:24.900

Kim Green: And I have a lot of friends who do that and they're really happy there and they love it, but I don't think I would love that.

00:22:25.860 --> 00:22:38.790

Kim Green: I didn't want it, I loved being a flight instructor it felt very free and I had a great time teaching people and helping them learn something they loved but no, I really didn't want to fly for the airlines.

00:22:39.840 --> 00:22:50.940

Kim Green: I have a friend who has a great job some of my pilot friends, who I could imagine you know that would have been fun like i've got one friend she's a math professor in an aerobatics instructor.

00:22:52.050 --> 00:22:53.850

Kim Green: Well I've heard of that combination before.

00:22:56.850 --> 00:22:58.020

Kim Green: that's pretty cool huh.

00:22:58.620 --> 00:23:07.710

Kelly Paxton: yeah yeah totally oh my gosh it's amazing that's The other thing about like COVID and everything like that we have met people that we would have never met before.

00:23:09.360 --> 00:23:13.830

Kelly Paxton: In technology just you know now people, we would have never met before.

00:23:14.430 --> 00:23:21.570

Kim Green: I have been to some well and this just makes me think there's so many there's so many aviation jobs that I would never have thought of that's one of them.

00:23:21.900 --> 00:23:33.420

Kim Green: But I used to go every couple of years, I would go to this women in aviation conference Imagine going to one building where there are thousands of women who are all either pilots or in aviation careers.

00:23:33.870 --> 00:23:46.020

Kim Green: That is a fun group of people, they I mean, first of all, they had to be out of the box thinkers to even consider doing something in aviation, because you know, especially when I was a kid it just didn't cross.

00:23:47.460 --> 00:23:54.540

Kim Green: It didn't cross your mind if you're a female to do certain things, because just nobody steer do that way, but my dad did so.

00:23:55.680 --> 00:24:03.930

Kim Green: Just a bunch of it's just a bunch of fun people and if you're a pilot you probably are going to have some adventures along the way, so.

00:24:04.560 --> 00:24:05.820

Kelly Paxton: was your data pilot.

00:24:06.270 --> 00:24:07.710

Kim Green: No he wanted to be, though.

00:24:08.640 --> 00:24:19.020

Kim Green: And, and so, when when I got my flight instructor certificate and I had the little Cessna I had a Cessna 172 he and I had it together, I gave him lessons.

00:24:19.680 --> 00:24:20.850

Kelly Paxton: Oh that's so cool.

00:24:21.090 --> 00:24:31.650

Kim Green: yeah and he never wound up taking getting his license but we had a blast together, he got right up to the point of getting the license and he said he didn't really care to get it, he just wanted to fly with me so.

00:24:32.190 --> 00:24:42.720

Kelly Paxton: Oh, that is awesome oh my God that is so awesome um, what do you think people struggle with in the PI business.

00:24:44.310 --> 00:24:53.610

Kim Green: running a business that's my take you know that's that that's my take based on what I hear people saying, because they become investigators.

00:24:54.570 --> 00:25:02.340

Kim Green: Because they want to go out and do investigations, they don't want to do accounting or marketing.

00:25:02.910 --> 00:25:22.680

Kim Green: or spreadsheets or any of the other things you have to do to actually run a business and a lot of them hate it, some people are great at it, but a lot of the guys, not just guys, a lot of P eyes just don't like the running the day to day running of the business part and.

00:25:24.180 --> 00:25:26.190

Kim Green: I think that I think that might be the hardest thing.

00:25:27.150 --> 00:25:30.120

Kelly Paxton: So, how does pursuit help them with that.

00:25:31.980 --> 00:25:51.240

Kim Green: I hope that it, you know people write a lot of articles that are that are very candid and about what it's like to run a business and and and I'm so glad, people are willing to and sometimes people like I can't remember who wrote this one, but somebody wrote a great piece about.

00:25:52.950 --> 00:25:59.130

Kim Green: Just ways that he had failed what reasons that he almost had to close his business and.

00:25:59.760 --> 00:26:11.880

Kim Green: My gosh how helpful, is that, first of all it's helpful because he got he got really practical like really specific about what went wrong what he did wrong, where he spent money in the wrong way but also it makes people feel.

00:26:12.480 --> 00:26:23.340

Kim Green: It relieves people shame about having the same problem if somebody else who you respect says, I had the same problem and I almost had to close my business.

00:26:23.940 --> 00:26:41.220

Kim Green: Then you don't have to see it as a failure anymore so like the shared stories give people ideas for how to do better, and it also gives people room to forgive themselves if every everything doesn't go perfectly you know that's that's how I hope it helps.

00:26:41.670 --> 00:26:59.430

Kelly Paxton: yeah oh absolutely I mean I never thought i'd become an investigator, and you know running it as a business is you know that's a whole other part of it so you've got the training for the investigative side, but then you also have to deal with the nuts and bolts side of it so yeah.

00:26:59.970 --> 00:27:11.880

Kim Green: And we do this, you know, whatever I as a writer us an investigator, a lot of the folks some people work for companies, but a lot of people just work totally solo and.

00:27:12.900 --> 00:27:22.110

Kim Green: How there's no way for people there's no way for us to know how other people are doing it because a lot of us don't have mentors we just are figuring out.

00:27:22.800 --> 00:27:33.570

Kim Green: What to do as we go and so just having someone write a story or agree to be interviewed and tell you how they do a thing it's just super helpful yeah.

00:27:33.870 --> 00:27:36.630

Kim Green: yeah matter, no matter what it is just to give you ideas for.

00:27:36.990 --> 00:27:48.300

Kim Green: Just like I was saying before about coming up with the idea to be a pilot in order to think of being a pilot, you have to know one or see one or you have to find a reason to imagine it and so.

00:27:49.440 --> 00:27:52.920

Kim Green: Writing stories telling stories helps people imagine a different way.

00:27:54.150 --> 00:28:11.250

Kelly Paxton: yeah absolutely so what advice would you give someone who wants to be an investigator like what do you have one thing that you would say I get a lot of people that asked me how can I do what you do is there one thing.

00:28:15.660 --> 00:28:31.860

Kim Green: Well, if I said, the one thing sort of broadly it would encompass more things, but the one thing, of course, is educate yourself, and that is everything from reading articles reading books listening to podcasts like yours about other people and how they have done it.

00:28:33.360 --> 00:28:43.470

Kim Green: Listening to Scott Fulmer's podcast listening to very Maguire's podcast there are so many we have so many great webinars at PGI education about people.

00:28:44.130 --> 00:28:52.950

Kim Green: Where we interview people telling how they do their work, and there are books out there, there are all kinds of how to books there's type of.

00:28:53.760 --> 00:29:03.750

Kim Green: Tyler Mulroney's book about a very fascinating type of an investigation that I didn't know much about or several different kinds and and then.

00:29:04.440 --> 00:29:12.630

Kim Green: But a huge part of that education would be, can you go find a mentor can you find someone who's actually doing the thing that you would love to do.

00:29:13.350 --> 00:29:25.800

Kim Green: boy, if you can there can that has got to be the most valuable thing in the world, because that person will steer you away from some things and toward other things, and will also route for you.

00:29:26.970 --> 00:29:28.920

Kelly Paxton: that's my great women in fraud started.

00:29:30.360 --> 00:29:39.960

Kelly Paxton: Because I was getting so many of those questions, and I was like as much as I want to be on the phone with these people all day long like it just didn't make sense, because I was repeating myself or I was like.

00:29:40.140 --> 00:29:50.580

Kelly Paxton: Did I just say that because I think I said it last week, too, so ya know there is, and you, and how we're so nice and you sent me the book two truths and a lie by Ellen McLaren and.

00:29:51.120 --> 00:30:11.760

Kelly Paxton: Oh, my God, I mean she made me feel so incompetent like not incompetent, but like I would have given up like that book in her dog is determination and I'm and I knew my husband would have said, I was wacky doodle um but to see someone so committed.

00:30:12.930 --> 00:30:19.170

Kelly Paxton: It and also she comes from a background that this isn't that it's not like her background it just.

00:30:19.860 --> 00:30:38.550

Kelly Paxton: It was a really good and story, and I will link that in the show notes to do the two truths and a lie cuz I thought it was really good um I just yeah yeah we get people in this industry who you would never think they're going to be an investigator she laid tile for a while.

00:30:40.620 --> 00:30:41.550

Kim Green: But she had.

00:30:41.880 --> 00:30:54.630

Kim Green: she's apparently had you know she was at Miami herald and several other big shot newspapers so she had the journalistic chops like crazy, but also, and she even said she just has she has.

00:30:55.200 --> 00:31:05.370

Kim Green: Not only does she have the skills and she worked on them, but she has a thing inside her that has to know, and I remember there's one quote she in the book somewhere, she said something like.

00:31:06.330 --> 00:31:13.710

Kim Green: When I'm told no pisses me off, and I got to know so don't tell me know unless you want me to keep going.

00:31:14.940 --> 00:31:24.480

Kim Green: So there must be something innate in her that is just custard and must go and and when you meet her you probably saw the webinar she's so.

00:31:25.170 --> 00:31:45.000

Kim Green: She doesn't seem she's not like the punching yelling scary PI of fiction, you know she's courteous insanely articulate intelligent sort of almost like so polite that she is apologetic in a way.

00:31:45.510 --> 00:31:46.950

Kim Green: So kind and thoughtful.

00:31:48.300 --> 00:31:49.410

Kim Green: But I don't want to.

00:31:50.610 --> 00:31:52.650

Kim Green: I'm not gonna tell her no now that I know this.

00:31:55.530 --> 00:32:03.240

Kim Green: And yeah she she made me feel incompetent as a writer, because that book is just beautifully beautifully done.

00:32:03.900 --> 00:32:24.870

Kelly Paxton: yeah debt is the best description beautifully done and, like, I mean I read tons and tons of books and like you know Tyler Mulroney's book but hers was beautiful and it flowed and it was like I almost want to say she's a writer, first because it was so well written and.

00:32:26.400 --> 00:32:42.000

Kelly Paxton: yeah it was it was wonderful I highly recommend it and the other thing I liked about it was like it was one thing that happened in her life granted it was a big thing watching someone being executed that literally followed her for 25 plus years.

00:32:43.980 --> 00:32:46.110

Kelly Paxton: I find that amazing.

00:32:46.530 --> 00:32:59.040

Kim Green: yeah I was, I was so in awe of her work on the book, just like you said her doggedness and also the beautiful writing that when I interviewed her for the webinar at the beginning of it.

00:32:59.430 --> 00:33:13.620

Kim Green: I went into complete nervousness panic mode and acted like an idiot I was so I was so nervous and made no sense, like she's so kind, why was I that nervous, but I think I was just there was a little there was some there was some worship happening.

00:33:14.940 --> 00:33:16.020

Kelly Paxton: girl yeah.

00:33:16.680 --> 00:33:17.370

Kim Green: Really badly.

00:33:17.910 --> 00:33:29.340

Kelly Paxton: yeah yeah well I love that it's fan girl for a woman investigator, because you know I mean I don't know what the demographics are women and men versed in investigations, do you know.

00:33:31.440 --> 00:33:48.210

Kim Green: I should know, but I don't but I mean just anecdotally the percentage is very low same as in same as an aviation that percentage I do, I have a better shot at knowing it's like less than 10% maybe, and as you as you move up and experience and into the airlines it's more like 5% I think.

00:33:48.780 --> 00:33:58.200

Kelly Paxton: yeah yeah so when you get someone who stands out like that and I've been retweeted or stuff that you make retweets my stuff and I'm just like fan girl total fangirl.

00:33:59.010 --> 00:34:12.300

Kelly Paxton: um so yeah yeah um so going to the clothes, even though I could talk to you for days like truly I mean we just did a webinar last week I'm leadership that was so much fun that I was like.

00:34:12.570 --> 00:34:27.840

Kelly Paxton: Oh, my God, we have to do this, an hour and I'm like that's gonna be a long time, and all of a sudden, it was over so um we know we can find you online on LinkedIn and Twitter, but where else can we where else is the best place to reach out to you.

00:34:30.000 --> 00:34:31.860

Kim Green: You mean like an email or something like that.

00:34:32.220 --> 00:34:36.330

Kelly Paxton: Well, email or just like good pursuit or PI education.

00:34:36.690 --> 00:34:49.740

Kim Green: yeah yeah well so pursuit mag calm is our online magazine for PIs PI education COM is where you can find our online education, our online courses.

00:34:50.130 --> 00:35:03.360

Kim Green: And then, I have a personal blog that I haven't updated in a really long time, but I have my bio there and I have lots of lots of stuff just links to to writing and that's aba tricks Kim calm.

00:35:03.900 --> 00:35:16.770

Kelly Paxton: I love that aba tricks like that is so cool totally totally cool Okay, then these are new questions for the end what have you been bingeing anything special since coven.

00:35:17.820 --> 00:35:23.130

Kim Green: A lot we've been bingeing a lot of stuff, the most recent one was the Hemingway documentary.

00:35:23.910 --> 00:35:28.620

Kelly Paxton: ooh I have I haven't watched that yet, but i've heard great things did you like it.

00:35:28.950 --> 00:35:31.860

Kim Green: I really did I always like Ken burn's work and.

00:35:32.880 --> 00:35:42.240

Kim Green: This was this was super interesting from the point of view of the making of a writer, but also from the point of view of this, this is not a good human being.

00:35:43.140 --> 00:35:55.620

Kim Green: And you just you just have to get comfortable with the fact that you can enjoy his writing or appreciate what he achieved and not respect him as a person, and you can those two things are possible if they can coexist.

00:35:56.250 --> 00:36:01.860

Kelly Paxton: yeah yeah okay I'm gonna have to do that I just started the Mayor of Eastwood or.

00:36:03.060 --> 00:36:04.350

Kelly Paxton: Have you watched that.

00:36:04.560 --> 00:36:05.790

Kim Green: No I'm interested.

00:36:06.120 --> 00:36:12.840

Kelly Paxton: What do you say I am three episodes in and yeah I'm in it's like.

00:36:14.400 --> 00:36:17.610

Kelly Paxton: I'm not no spoilers but good people do bad things.

00:36:19.080 --> 00:36:22.740

Kelly Paxton: So, and I mean Kate Winslet she's so good.

00:36:23.010 --> 00:36:24.090

Kim Green: She is so good.

00:36:24.360 --> 00:36:28.110

Kim Green: luck yeah yeah i'm i'm definitely into it, I want to do it.

00:36:32.160 --> 00:36:47.520

Kim Green: I can't think of the well we just we were behind on this, but we just finished the last season of Sherlock that was that's that's the binge thing right before Hemingway yeah but you know what else we really like we like main cabin masters.

00:36:49.920 --> 00:36:50.160

Kim Green: it's.

00:36:51.660 --> 00:37:00.720

Kim Green: It is these these guys this family from Maine and some of their friends and they fix up old cabins old camp they call them camps.

00:37:01.170 --> 00:37:12.540

Kim Green: Oh it's just a fix them up show but they're really sweet and funny it's not overproduced it's not super slick, and they go they don't spend $200,000.

00:37:13.050 --> 00:37:19.650

Kim Green: Fixing these things up, that the budget is never more than 50 and they're resurrecting old family camps in the middle of nowhere.

00:37:19.950 --> 00:37:31.920

Kim Green: And fixing up an old thing that means something to people and it's just so happy and so positive and so sweet and plus that we have our own little camp that we're always working on and you get ideas from that and inspiration to.

00:37:32.580 --> 00:37:49.320

Kelly Paxton: yeah yeah oh my gosh that's so funny well when you, we have a cabin of rustic family cabin from 1968 so when you guys come out to Oregon you can come and stay at it, because I think you would really enjoy it, but it is rustic so it does have a toilet and no loss so.

00:37:49.740 --> 00:37:50.550

Kim Green: that's perfect.

00:37:53.220 --> 00:38:09.330

Kelly Paxton: Well, Kim I can't Thank you enough for coming on and I'm so honored that this is like your first side on this side of the table, because, like I you guys asked her oh my God she's so interesting, so I just want to thank you immensely for coming on.

00:38:09.990 --> 00:38:18.210

Kim Green: I want to thank you immensely for having me I I love talking to you, and whatever excuse, we can come up with let's talk more.

00:38:19.470 --> 00:38:25.050

Kelly Paxton: yeah yeah and reach out great women in fraud reach out to Kim for sure okay.

00:38:26.370 --> 00:38:28.110

Kim Green: Thank you Kelly, this has been great.

Kim is truly an entrepreneur in the world of investigations.  She has created and continues to create a vibrant community that benefits investigators and their clients.  Be sure to reach out to Kim online.  If you need online training check out PI Education.  I was so honored to be the first to have Kim do a podcast.  I was so shocked to hear she had not been asked but she is the wizard behind the curtain.  I am so inspired by her creativity, inspiration and just goodness.  Thank you again for listening.  Be sure to leave a review or share the episode with other Great Women in Fraud.  See you next week. We are having
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