Great Women In Fraud

Episode 32 Jenny Radcliffe

May 18, 2021 Kelly Paxton, CFE Episode 32
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This week’s show notes are a bit different.  The show notes are the most time consuming part of the podcast and right now I just don’t have the time to get them done.  These are some of the highlights.  I hope this works for you.

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Kelly Paxton: Okay, so starting off today, it was so funny because we have just the amazing Jenny Radcliffe but you know what is we're talking we're on zoom so you can't see this but Jenny has a little bit of a tickle in the throat and she's got a big pink Cup.

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Jenny Radcliffe: I do, and she knew honestly Kelly, I would never I am everything I'm like Johnny Cash look in the wardrobe everything's black.

Everything will be black schools everything I'm such a little golf and today, without even really thinking about it, I picked up a big pink cup because pink I'm channeling your channel and you're manifesting pink on my otherwise Gothic black desk you have powers, what can I say.

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Kelly Paxton: The power of the pink okay. Our the pink I love it so like I said, we are here with Jenny Radcliffe and 00:01:00.600 --> 00:01:02.130

Kelly Paxton: aka people hacker.

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Kelly Paxton: And I think we met via Twitter, because everyone knows how much I love Twitter.

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Kelly Paxton: But Jenny why don't you give the audience kind of your sort of elevator I sneak into elevators and I find all sorts of good things.

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Jenny Radcliffe: Okay, so I'm a hacker so people hacker is a type of hacker it's a social engineer.

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Jenny Radcliffe: And for those that don't know social engineers are non technical hackers well some of the technical Hawk is a social engineers as well level of skills, I don't have.

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Jenny Radcliffe: But pretty much I'm a non technical hacker I've always worked with psychology and I'm with things like influence and persuasion techniques non verbals that type of thing.

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Jenny Radcliffe: And and I'm an expert in all those things but I've been a social engineer and I've been someone who manipulates influences and persuades my way into organizations I'm past gatekeepers digital and physical.

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Jenny Radcliffe: pretty much my whole life I've done it since I was really young and.

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Jenny Radcliffe: And so, a journalist called me, she said, well, you can persuade anyone to let you do anything you are you're like the people hacker and I thought I'm having that.

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Jenny Radcliffe: that's very good I'll steal that as well So yes, a big lift for hire psychological hacker really but I'm on the side of the angels Kelly.

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Jenny Radcliffe: I am not  snow white.

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Jenny Radcliffe: But I'm on the side of the angels, you have to pick a side quite and I pick mine so.

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Jenny Radcliffe: I just like I really like when I started out with the podcast I decided to interview interesting people.

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Jenny Radcliffe: And I didn't want to keep it just to security, a fist because my skills were beyond security, so I have friends who helped me in then in a non verbal reads, for example, so people like Mark Ellis on the show you can read your face and it's like an ex where it was naturally good at reading of Paul Ekman’s fact system and stuff like this.

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Jenny Radcliffe: I really highly recommend that you and your listeners and listen to his podcast so he just a video podcast called the Contrepreneur. 

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Jenny Radcliffe: It was called a not another dickhead with a podcast that if you have to bleep out guess words but Mike was very much into dissecting the formula behind all these gurus on LinkedIn and other places that say you know you can make a million and You know, and you follow this formula and you become like a world famous salesperson or guru of some kind. And, and the reason that's interesting is because it's fraud it's still fraud it's still telling people lies, telling them if they can.

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Jenny Radcliffe: And it's the bit, where it says there's a bat and a ball Okay, so what is a pitcher this button, the ball for me right so there's a bat and a ball baseball basketball and.

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Jenny Radcliffe: And the combined prices one pound 10 now if the back costs one pound exactly one per more than the ball, how much is the ball car so everyone goes 10 pounds.

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Kelly Paxton: Well, you know that we say bad guys.

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Kelly Paxton: We don't say bad chicks that women like it's just in our vernacular.

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Jenny Radcliffe: don't give I mean, I think I was asked, I was being interviewed just yesterday and the interviewer said to me.

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Jenny Radcliffe: The question I'm asked a lot and I don't blame you for asking it was you know, do you have advantages, the fact that you're a woman, being a social engineer was that ever been.

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Jenny Radcliffe: to your advantage and I always say practical that the question is predicated on the idea that the security team of male.

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Jenny Radcliffe: Female you know investigators and security people don't for one minute, let me get away with anything because I'm female, and I only sort of mean not really I don't really think it is with man I think people are you know less suspicious of me because I don't look dangerous but.

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Jenny Radcliffe: it's sort of it's like you say so it's these kinds of a mediums and rules that we have not had.

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Jenny Radcliffe: That it really doesn't apply and it's what we tell. I tell people all the time and I'm changing them and when I'm doing awareness training to hacker doesn't need to look like a hacker criminal might not sound like a criminal.

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Jenny Radcliffe: Not everybody smiles is a friend.

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Kelly Paxton: One of the questions I've been asking recently in the podcast and is like what are you watching what do you think is good on TV or media that you really, really like but in your case I'm going to say that also using is just beyond reading.

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Jenny Radcliffe: All right, so if you have not seen does a few things, this is not necessarily that much to do with the job and it's something to do with the job in the US, you have not seen a show called Killing Eve.

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Jenny Radcliffe: Well done, I mean what I will say, and I say again let's just emphasize, you know I'm, even though I did pull a lot of cons of my youth I am actually an ethical thief but what I will say so there's an awful lot of.

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Jenny Radcliffe: What you know what today what we haven't time for this, but if you bring me back you can ask me no one ever asked me about the fact that this is a business that's lasted.

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Jenny Radcliffe: pretty much my whole life, and if you forget about that, the sort of sexy stuff that I digs it sounds very sexy, what I do, and you know a lot of it kind of is.

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Jenny Radcliffe: it's quite it's also quite dangerous and a little bit kind of and thrilling until you're the one fall off the roof, and then it's just stupid.

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Jenny Radcliffe: And, but no one ever asked me about the business side of it and how I could sustain that business now I caught, you know that's The thing that no one ever asks me and you haven't time to ask me about it now, but I kept that going and evangelism from it for.

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Jenny Radcliffe: Know there's so much goes into what we quote yeah.

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Jenny Radcliffe: it's a bespoke service.