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Episode 42 Louise Brogan - LinkedIn Wizard

July 27, 2021 Kelly Paxton, CFE Episode 42
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Episode 42 is all LinkedIn and all sorts of tips, tricks, and techniques. Are you part of the 1% statistic you will hear?  740 million users on LinkedIn. Fun fact.  You know how LinkedIn has changed my business and continues to add to the fraud community. I heard Louise on a podcast recently.  It was crazy good that I thought I need to have her on and came home to a message from her that she wanted to be on Great Women in Fraud. Great minds and great women think alike. Her accent is delightful too. Everything sounds better with an accent. Let’s get started.

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Louise Brogan: And after a long winding path I ended up deciding to specialize on Linkedin about three years ago, with the help of my mentor, Natalie Eckdahl.

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Louise Brogan: yeah okay so there's loads of reasons why kind of cemented Linkedin for me as the platform of choice and.

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Louise Brogan: First of all, as a business owner when I spent time on Linkedin I got business so much quicker than I did in any other platform.

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Louise Brogan: And Linkedin have this whole saying, but you know it's where people go to do business, so we go to Facebook to catch up with friends and family we go to Twitter for news and events.

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Louise Brogan: And, but actually what happens is the more conversation happens under your post, the more visibility, you get as a result, more people see you and your content.

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Louise Brogan: And they just lurk but then, most people that's what most people do like 90% of people don't even comment on anything on Linkedin they just.

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Louise Brogan: Create their profile they scroll nine again, and then they come off Linkedin statistics Linkedin and statistics are that people spend some acts 17 minutes and a month only.

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Louise Brogan: So 1% so it's like 740 million people have LinkedIn accounts 1% of those people post content on LinkedIn.

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Louise Brogan: With that person on a one to one and they're far more likely to remember you then, if you just send them a connection request with a message.

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Louise Brogan: and honestly people send you connection requests with like message you're like well where did they find me why are they connecting with me.

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Louise Brogan: I thought that's when I realized that you should always offer to the CEO and the senior executive separately.

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Louise Brogan: And they want me to work with their alumni and their students because universities are starting to recognize exactly what you said Kelly, about the younger people.

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Louise Brogan: And they recognize that they are students need a presence on Linkedin before they graduate.

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Louise Brogan: If the day they graduate and they put their picture of them throwing their hat in the air.

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Louise Brogan: I have this free download and its daily and weekly activities to keep you rate on Linkedin like things you should do on a regular basis, and people will be delighted to hear that, I think it's my opinion that posting twice a week on Linkedin is absolutely plenty because so few people are posting if you can think of a really good conversation starter. Once or twice a week on Linkedin that people are responding to it, will you will see your visibility just rise exponentially so that's a really.

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Louise Brogan: And then messaging so always connect with a message that's the four key pillars that I work with clients on for helping them with LinkedIn.

I just loved this episode. I even figured out why a group was not tagging people. LinkedIn is such a valuable tool for you, your brand, and your company. If you aren’t active on the platform I hope you will take something from today’s talk with Louise and just get started. Thank you again, Louise and all the Great Women in Fraud.