Great Women In Fraud

Episode 43 Traci Brown, CSP Fraud Busting Body-Language Expert

August 03, 2021 Kelly Paxton, CFE Episode 43
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Traci Brown, CSP: Thanks, well, I am the fraud-busting body language expert, so my job is to help anybody spot and stop fraud before a loss happens. Most of my clients are in the financial world so insurance, banks, anything you know financial.

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Traci Brown, CSP: Financial services, I do that I've also found a little niche in

industrial safety it because it turns out, when someone tips over a bulldozer that's a big expensive problem and there's a lot of lies in that situation so.

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Traci Brown, CSP: Mostly, what I do is focus on lie detection and I found out when you call it fraud prevention people pay you about three times more for that and so.

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Traci Brown, CSP: You know I've ended up studying alongside you know FBI agents and Green Berets and things like that  I'm the private citizen in the class, but I, you know I end up getting invited and everybody has a gun but me.

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Traci Brown, CSP: Like professionally not really a whole lot keeps me up at night.

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Kelly Paxton: Well then, that flips to what gets you up in the morning.

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Traci Brown, CSP: Oh man being awesome getting out there and making it happen and I think you know beyond that it's about.

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Traci Brown, CSP: increase the cognitive load that so they do it because they just can't take it anymore, and you know for the general public, if you ever want to listen to a great interrogator watch Dr Phil. He's not just the TV a psychology guy he's actually a very highly trained interrogator and he can stack it on to do some of these people that think they're going on for interview they're going to beat him you're going to be Dr Phil.

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Traci Brown, CSP: What do I binge I'll tell you what I've been watching you know what's really good is the Behavior Panel. And they are because, like I said, I'm on the list of top body language experts these guys are on there too. And there's four of them and three of them are military interrogators and one guy is he's kind of the artist of the bunch he just he likes to say things in a flowery way.