Great Women In Fraud

Episode 44 David Weber, Behavioral Accountant

August 10, 2021 Kelly Paxton, CFE Episode 44
Great Women In Fraud
Episode 44 David Weber, Behavioral Accountant
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Today’s episode is really special.  Why is it special?  You have to listen as to why it is so special but hint I have been validated. This episode is fantastic with so many crime trivia facts, amazing statistics, and just a great conversation with a forensic accountant who has had such a breadth of experience.  It is a longer episode but I promise you will learn so much.  You will learn about the forensic accounting programs at Salisbury University and it is fantastic.  His professor told him his idea about white collar crime was deficient.  He proved it differently!   Let’s get started.  

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Kelly Paxton: By the end of this, you will be a big podcast person I promise you, because they are so much fun and your students are going to listen to this and they're going to love it

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David P. Weber: There is no question that the law degree was the item that allowed me to fish, rather than eat fish. I have because I've had like 17 jobs in my life.

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Kelly Paxton: so and I know what your answer is going to be, because we're going to talk about this, who is better at embezzling women or men?

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David P. Weber: Absolutely women there's no question that it’s women.

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Kelly Paxton: Okay, and why do you say that?

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David P. Weber: Because I can prove it scientifically.

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David P. Weber: Something that no one before me has been able to say.

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David P. Weber: And I can now prove it, and when I was doing this research and we haven't even talked about why I'm doing research, what I do, but I was minding my own business doing research.

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David P. Weber: And I accidentally came across a finding that I was not looking for involving women and when I found it I said Oh, this is interesting and Oh, I know a lady who's going to be very interested in it and it talks about pink collar crime all the time, so I'm going to send her my paper.

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David P. Weber: I'm sorry that doesn't I think numbers are sexy. I think accounting is sexy I think fraud it's all about sex drugs and rock and roll and so.

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David P. Weber: But, making it even more specific, we're the only program in the country that has an experiential learning component, where the students are actually working on real criminal investigations, so my other job I mean I have like 17 jobs.

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David P. Weber: And that led me to have a conversation with the class and until we have that conversation, apparently, some of them didn't think there was anything wrong with that.

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David P. Weber: We weren't even allowed to accept the can of soda or a cup of coffee, I mean we weren't allowed to accept anything.

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David P. Weber: And what industrial psychology organizational behavior is is the study of behavior in the workplace we're not interested in what people do at home.

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David P. Weber: So obviously everything I want to do my dissertation it's all going to be fraud related I mean that's what I did 24/7 is fraud, fraud, fraud, so I make a proposal and the proposal is that I study.

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David P. Weber: white collar crime and why people do what they do and I'm told that it's a stupid idea that there's already been research on this, I mean I he didn't say it was stupid, I mean he used different words like deficient my idea was deficient okay and, in fact, he was of the view.

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David P. Weber: Right, the best way to rob a bank is to own one.

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David P. Weber: You know it's the same thing with stealing things in the workplace, nobody has problems dealing copy paper we're bringing paperclips home, but if there was a $1 bill.

We don’t have favorite children or podcast guests but given David’s work with embezzlement statistics this episode was extra special.  It is such an honor to have guests like David because their experiences and generosity makes my life so wonderful.  The fact that you get to hear their stories is amazing. We will have David back and hopefully hear about women and acceptance of their guilt via plea as compared to men.  Hint David!  Thank you so much for taking time.  Be sure and share this episode if you like.