Great Women In Fraud

Episode 45 Wendy Askins, CFE Dental and Orthodontic Embezzlement Wizard

August 17, 2021 Kelly Paxton, CFE Episode 45
Great Women In Fraud
Episode 45 Wendy Askins, CFE Dental and Orthodontic Embezzlement Wizard
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I have to mention episode 44 with David Weber.  Did you see the stories about his work catching one of the insurrectionists?  Truly amazing.  David is Notorious DPW.  Please take a listen to that episode if you missed it.  And check out his work on HuffPost.  I will put the link in the show notes.  Now on to Episode 45.  I’m assuming you go to the dentist.  Did you know 3 out of 5 dentists get embezzled?  Who do they go to when they find out the nice office manager is stealing from them? Well they should go to Wendy.  Wendy Askins is not just a CFE but she had years of experience in the dental industry so she knows it inside out.  The next time you go to your dentist you might have some fun information for them.  Let’s get started.

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Wendy Askins: As people I'm pretty much always assume that women are nurturers and caretakers by nature and, in fact, some of them are not.

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Wendy Askins: Especially in my industry of dentistry the support staff, which is someone other than the main producer, which would be the doctor or the business owner, which would be the doctor, the support staff is you know I'd say probably about 85% female.

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Wendy Askins: It just fascinates me how smart he is to be able to fly a plane, but what's interesting about that is every almost every single time he goes to work he comes back and tells me that he flew with someone who said they think what I do is incredible.

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Wendy Askins: it's well I think what I do is pretty simple not like flying a plane, but then they think it's the other way around, too, so.

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Wendy Askins: Although my therapist does think that my propensity toward catching crooks and making things right comes from being bullied in my childhood.

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Wendy Askins: ooh so I'm trying to put those two together, but I think you might be right, but.

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Wendy Askins: They don't want anyone asking questions they don't want anyone getting into their business or trying to decipher exactly what happens with account and account for obvious reasons, because they'll find out that money is missing.

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Wendy Askins: They don't ever take vacations, they never take sick time.

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Wendy Askins: And you know generally I think you're right with the bullying.

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Wendy Askins: it's like a pendulum it's either one side or the other one side they're bullying their TEAM members, because they don't want them to be involved and they don't want them to ask too many questions.

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Wendy Askins: or, on the other side, the pendulum swings and they're like a sugar mama to their staff members, because they're trying to buy them off and they'll secretly give them

like an extra day of vacation under the guise of just being a loving, caring person, but what they're trying to do is by their loyalty.

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Wendy Askins: So I'm watching the patient come in slip a white envelope across the counter to her, she takes it and she puts it on the counter in front of her, and then the patient walks out then she puts the envelope in a drawer beside her.

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Wendy Askins: And it sits there for a little bit then she takes it out of the drawer and she puts it like tries to COP it in her palm next to her fine and she walks out of the front desk area and into the patient restroom.

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Wendy Askins: And then she comes back out and there's no envelope in her hand there's nothing in our hands, so, then I log into my client's computer system and Sure enough, I see it right there the adjustment that she had made. So it's like oh 5000 bucks gone.

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Wendy Askins: And I think another thing too is that because we are healthcare workers and we're naturally nurturing and loving and we want to trust everyone, and we want to cure everyone.

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Wendy Askins: In that particular case, I was not only heartbroken for my client, because this is someone that had worked for him for 25 years and he handed over all control to her.

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Wendy Askins: And there were oh my gosh so many methodologies she used, I mean from stealing cash to paying yourself every week to giving herself bonuses and increasing your pay what it broke my heart for the client, but what also broke my heart was for that daughter for the tax.

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Wendy Askins: Most of the cases that I do that's all I do, and I find it it's so I mean I told you, I had that one case, it was a gigantic case it was over half a million dollars and I found it in three minutes.

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Wendy Askins: I'm possibly going to put somebody in jail and if I don't put them in jail they're going to be slapped with felony charges and they're going to have some type of remuneration in the amount that they can't ever possibly recover from.

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Wendy Askins: So I take it very, very seriously so like I know everyone does but it's kind of when you first discover that it's really kind of heartbreaking first the curse words come out of my mouth.

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Wendy Askins: My clients that having those people convicted or the thief convicted I do find that a lot I don't think I've ever worked with a client that was happy.

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Wendy Askins: I mean, you would think almost that they would be like oh yeah she got convicted she's gonna spend six years in jail.

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Wendy Askins: You know they're not and the majority of my clients will say if she needed the money if she just would have asked me, I would have given it to her gladly she didn't have to steal it from me.

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Wendy Askins: You know my client takes it and hands it to the police and they're like what do we do with this? We don't know anything about financial crimes and we don't know anything about dentistry.

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Wendy Askins: So then, it makes its way you know, to the da and then a lot of times i'll work with the DEA or even the detective to kind of mark or March them through exactly what happened.

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Wendy Askins: It, but I understand that a lot of my clients are also dealing with public perception, especially if they're in a small town they don't want.

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Wendy Askins: They don't want their patients to know that they don't run a solid business, which is how they interact, of course, we don't interpret it that way right.

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Wendy Askins: But that's how they interpret it and they don't want to have to go to their patients and explain to their patients, and especially in small towns as well, a lot of times the suspect has.

Wendy is just great.  She knows her stuff and she is a Great Women In Fraud especially in dental.  I would love to check in with all the GWIFers out there and see what you want to hear in future episodes.  Which episodes do you like most and why?  Suggestions?  Just want to keep making this even better and spreading the word.  Thank you.  Have a great week.