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Episode 46 Jay Rosen, CCEP Independent Integrity Monitor

August 24, 2021 Kelly Paxton, CFE Episode 46
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Do you work with monitors?  Do you know what a monitor does?  How to get work as a monitor?  This week is all about a career that has had 5 lives and is in a great place helping companies and NGOs do better when they are subject to a monitor.  Jay Rosen is a perfect person to introduce the Great Women in Fraud’s audience to the subject.  He posts tons of great content including podcasts and blogs and LinkedIn posts.  Be sure to check out the show notes. You will want to look at all of them.  Let’s go.

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Jay Rosen - Affiliated Monitors: I remember being between gigs and we'll talk about the five different careers that I've had but you know I read that book what color is my parachute and then I went in to go see somebody and. that the person at first, where I thought Oh, you know it's real touchy feely I don't get it. When I look back on those meetings and now advice that I give to people he's really said, you know just clear around this clear out this other stuff these cobwebs these things, what do you really want to do what's going to make you happy and that kind of goes back to something my dad used to say that it's like when you get up in the morning and go to work you been to like what you're doing, and if you don't like what you're doing will use the acronym you're so well. And that's something that you know whether, by coincidence, or whether by design that's been something that I've considered in my over three decades in the business world.


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Jay Rosen - Affiliated Monitors: Well, just because I think they feel more they're entitled and they're the kings of the world, so they probably have been stroking their ego for such a long time that. Despite whether or not it's true that they think that they're better, just like they think they can be a better host of Jeopardy, or they think they can be a better Governor of New York City. They just have such big flipping ego so that's why 

I think.


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Jay Rosen - Affiliated Monitors: The government thinks that we're going to be sucking up to the client and not telling the truth so over these 850 matters that we've done in the last 17 years. We really understand the psyche and how you go in and how you build trust, and there are people who are gold star. You know recipients who, when the monitorship runs out, they say, look we enjoy working with you so much, and we will learn so much.

Can we come up with some kind of engagement, where we check in with you quarterly and those are the people who really get compliance and when you have somebody like that, and you can see the light bulb go off over their head.


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Jay Rosen - Affiliated Monitors: What became interesting to me, is, I became less and less excited about the process of translating and doing it, but I became more and more excited about helping my clients come up with a code of conduct, so I would get a question and they'd say Jay we want to say we have zero tolerance for.


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Jay Rosen - Affiliated Monitors: Because it's so incredible, you would say it would never happen and it just amazes me the lengths that people go to steal.

And to lie and to cheat and when we see that happen in real life, but we say no, if somebody passed that in as a script that wouldn't pass muster so it's very interesting who may soon be out of a job or needed to parachute find their next job, but then there were the mentors to like Ellen and like Mary who came in.

And then we started running these things on a monthly basis, and then we expanded to six continents, the only places we aren't right now is Antarctica, and this is now.

 We're getting very close to the one year anniversary, I think I did the podcast August 26 or 27 so it's been a week away and then very shortly after we started doing the events.


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Jay Rosen - Affiliated Monitors: I would tell my 18-year-old self to be very judicious in finding a mentor and then, once finding that mentor I would hook my caboose to them and ride it up to the top.

Screenwriter turned ethics translation turned independent integrity monitor.  Talk about a winding road.  What I loved about interviewing Jay is his lifelong interest to keep pivoting. But also the words of wisdom which I could have used to stay the course.  I have about a 5+ year tenure at many jobs and there are some I should have stuck with.  But life intervenes and sometimes you just have to adjust.  Thank you again for your time and please reach out to Jay.  Have a great day.