Great Women In Fraud

Episode 47 Lisa Beth Lentini Walker and Stef Tschida

August 31, 2021 Kelly Paxton, CFE Episode 47
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Episode 47 of Great Women in Fraud. We are doing a mix this week and I have an attorney on.  Shocker. But she is awesome and you will want to listen. She won’t even charge you a 6-minute increment! #lawyerhumor And the other guest is a communications specialist.  We all need to learn how to communicate better.

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Kelly Paxton: We have Lisa Beth Lentini Walker who I met first and then we also have Steph Tschida now and we're going to talk about your fun name.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: Well, thanks for having us on the show. I'm just so excited to be here, I am a huge fan of the Great Women in Fraud podcast to begin with, and I'm also a huge fan of yours, Kelly.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: So you know double bonus for us, Stef and I are here because we wrote our first book and we wrote the book together.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: And I had been brought in as the first chief compliance officer for this organization and Steph was in charge of communications throughout this organization, so we met at a company called CWT.

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Stef Tschida: yeah I would just add to that and say you know typically communications people and compliance people probably are not considered to be cut from the same cloth.

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Stef Tschida: You know, like that legal department and communications can often be at odds, but I think what makes this book so special in our relationship so special is we found a way to really establish common ground focus on, you know our shared objectives around whatever we were trying to communicate and boy we communicated some tricky stuff.

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Stef Tschida: You know data breaches and terrorism incidents, and I think that is. A little bit of what like bonded us together, as we were in the trenches in some really chaotic situations, but it's a great model for what business partnership can look like what between any function in any department, you know that seemingly maybe don't have the same goals always, so I think it's a fun thing to celebrate.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: Our publisher proposed the title and then we came up together with the byline of you, you know not only you know raise your game, not your voice, but the importance of listening, communicating and storytelling for compliance program influence.

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Kelly Paxton:  For I mean do people really think of compliance of storytelling probably not, but they should.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: Absolutely, and I think you know Stef will have a really strong view here, but my own view is anything that you do, you should be able to tell the story and the story so it's important I know a lot of people even say.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: Like my parents don't understand what I do well, have you told him a good story about what you do and about how it makes a difference if you can tell them the story, then they might be able to at least identify with what you're doing.

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Stef Tschida: A very big percentage of the content in the book our worksheets where we're you know we've kind of told you what to do in the chapters, and then we challenge you to go put it immediately into practice in your own unique situation with a worksheet that corresponds multiple worksheets that correspond with each chapter, and this is meant to be you know dog eared and written in, and we would love nothing more than to see the cover just beat up because it's in people's bags and being toted back and forth and pulled off the bookshelf all the time it's it is meant to be a true tool to help compliance professionals communicate better.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: Absolutely, and one of the things that really just is a big turnoff for me is books that are so text heavy that you have to read pages again and again to try to understand what they're saying so we tried to break it up between tips, stories the actual text itself.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: Your community is in there, too, you just have to find it and cultivate it and we actually have an entire chapter of the book that is focused on how to cultivate those relationships, including how to determine whether you have people who are supporting you or being a detractor from what you're trying to accomplish, and this is important in your professional life, as well as your personal life.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: So for me it's really important that I focus energy on things that amplify and multiply what we're trying to accomplish or in my case, you know personally professionally etc, and I think it's true in the workplace as well.

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Stef Tschida: And you know what I think goes such a long way, whether you're a great writer or not is starting from your audience's perspective and putting yourself in their shoes and thinking about what they need to understand in here and what their daily reality is like and what their goals and objectives are.

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Stef Tschida: And you know you might you don't have to be the most perfect writer in the world, but if the message is on point because it's written with your audience in mind, I think you're going to go so much further and so.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: Social media does kind of live forever, so you know, one of the interesting things right now with social media that I don't think we've caught up to as a society is this concept that you know things that were said and tweeted in haste can come back to bite you two years later and we're still grappling with.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: If you don't show that you have some level of understanding of the organization that you are in this concept of being an organizational scholar, and knowing how the organization understanding the heartbeat of that organization.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: You just won't have the credibility to land your message, and you know, one of the things that I always try to bring up and remind people of is you know it's great to be right. But it's even better to be right and have people agree and follow what you're asking them to do because that's where the great behavior change happens.  Being right is like you know when a tree falls in the middle of a forest and there's nobody there to hear it doesn't make a sound well. Nobody cares right, so if you're right and nobody cares, then you have a problem so part of our work here is helping people understand.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: I didn't start out thinking I would be here today, I couldn't have envisioned that if you had told me that at 18 at 25 probably at 30 maybe even at 40.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: But I would just say start and find the things that really drive you and you're passionate about and then make sure, as you go along that you surround yourself with people who lift you up and bring out the best in you, that was advice that I got from my godmother long time ago.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker: And it holds true in your professional life and in your personal life. Find those people who make you better and who helped amplify the beautiful parts of who you are.

I am so looking forward to their book, Raise your Game not your voice.  It will be added to my growing bookshelf of all things compliance.  Compliance is so much more than checking the box and the storytelling is very important.  I love books with worksheets. Be sure to check out MentorCore and the Compliance Career Connection.  And you also know what I love is introducing people.  Right from this podcast I reached out to the hosts of Behavioral Grooves podcast, Kurt Nelson and Tim Houlihan because they are all in the Greater Minneapolis area to connect them.  It’s good karma.  Connect someone today is the call to action.  Thank you again.