Great Women In Fraud

Episode 48 Melissa Galasso, Accounting and Auditing Standards Expert aka The Reluctant Entrepreneur

September 07, 2021 Kelly Paxton, CFE Episode 48
Great Women In Fraud
Episode 48 Melissa Galasso, Accounting and Auditing Standards Expert aka The Reluctant Entrepreneur
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Listen in to hear about the Disney Institute, horses and so much more about finding the right career for you.  Often it takes an outside perspective to find your way.  Melissa gives a shout-out to Donna Taylor for helping her find the perfect career.

Career coach:

Episode 48 is filled with fun fraud facts including Disney and horses and leasing of horses!  Melissa and I met over LinkedIn and have stayed in touch ever since due to our love of speaking and the National Speakers Association and of course pink collar crime.  This is an extra fun episode and Melissa takes it like a champ.  Get ready.  Let’s go.

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Kelly Paxton: And who is a famous crook or cop, then you want to go to dinner with or cocktails.

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Melisa Galasso: Actually, I had the opportunity to have dinner once with Cynthia Cooper which was one of the highlights of my experiences here.

But it was a group dinner, and I would love to do it again as a one on one, but I attended a seminar that she did and afterwards, we had the opportunity to go out to dinner with her, and it was really cool to have ... believe it or not, I was teaching accounting at the time at the university and my students all wrote a paper on her book and I ended up obviously redacting all important information and sending her some of my better ones, and she wrote me back so kind of cool.

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Melisa Galasso: But I love instructional design and I like playing with courses to make them really interactive and not your traditional CPE so we love what we do and we have the opportunity to work with amazing firms all across the country.

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Kelly Paxton: Well that's the thing is, I think that we are just both nerds and we'd stay in school, if we could because, like, I mean I saw that you got that you, you know the training and development designation.

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Melisa Galasso: I've been very fortunate to you know continuous learning is one of our core values that Galasso Learning Solutions and I continue to really try to push the envelope on continuing my development as well.

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Melisa Galasso: I am not embezzling to take my team there, I promise all profits are real, but we decided on the Disney courses, because I honestly tested them out before I signed up for the full set of courses.

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Melisa Galasso: Disney has the Disney Institute and they're known for customer service training that's really where they get their background fun.

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Melisa Galasso: And fun fact when I was an intern at Deloitte right so go way back when I was still in college.

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Melisa Galasso: that's where we did we actually did it at the at the spawn was our training, and so my very first like formal training at a college was at this one.  And Disney does a really good job and so they have three full day courses that they do, they do employee engagement leadership excellence and then their quality service and obviously I would have loved to have taken them in person, but they have an online, you know live online version, and so I took one of their courses.

And they have fantastic instructional design they play videos they move us around.

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Melisa Galasso: I think, for me, the best money, I have ever spent is taking the time to develop myself I have spent a lot of time over you know going through coaches, when I first set up my business, and so I didn't know what I wanted to do I knew what I was doing I didn't want to do anymore. But I honestly did not know what I wanted to do, and so I sat down with a career coach and I was basically like I hate my life.

And I don't know what I'm going to do, and she did the whole you know, take a disc do this like find yourself figure out what you want to do, and then she's like well, you should start your own business, and I was like.

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Melisa Galasso: I'm a CPA we're risk averse people we don't start our own businesses and she's like, no, no, you really you have a passion around this you'd be excellent at it and I was like. Think you're crazy lady and we literally like every two weeks, we would meet and she's like okay set up your llc and then we come back and check okay do this and, like my homework assignments, and then you know, after a period of time, I had a business with a logo and I had comments I was like this is.

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Kelly Paxton: yeah nine to midnight Okay, and then the next thing that I oh my gosh this is so funny Melissa she has a daughter, and she has a daughter that has a horse habit.

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Melisa Galasso: Yes, daughter's been writing since she was five so and she will be 14 next month, so we have been writing a long time, and we do have a course habit, I would like to tell you, so I even have it now it's a lifestyle. When you're like planning the weekend you're like oh no I can't do that I have a for show, and that's like naturally comes out of my mouth bell but yes, we have a horse habit, I know that's another red flag for you there huh.

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Kelly Paxton: If you could turn back time and talk to your 18-year-old self which actually I mean your daughters getting close What would you tell yourself.

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Melisa Galasso: I would tell myself that it's okay to share your opinion when other people tell you it's not. I spent a lot of my early career people like you need to step back and you need to not talk so much and you need to like just sit and earn your stripes and at the time I was like well, maybe I’m just doing this wrong, and I look back now and I'm like you know what.

Melisa Galasso: I know, like it's okay to share your thoughts and to have an opinion on things and I don't think that you have to wait to your turn I think that's a crazy consideration if you have a thought that needs to be shared.

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Melisa Galasso: Right share it because it benefits everybody I when I teach risk assessment, I teach specifically having the broad conversation.

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Melisa Galasso: I always say start with your youngest person first person least close to this client because they're going to give you the most novel and different ideas, the person who's been on this for 20 years has nothing novel to say.

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Melisa Galasso: I have a passion for accounting, which I know sounds crazy to people I had someone in my house, the other day. Fixing right above my office is where the crawl spaces to get to my attic until they have to come into my office to get up there, we have a leak of course with all this ridiculous heat.

The air conditioning was leaking and so she comes in, and if you come into my office I've got two big umbrellas in here, so I have lighting to teach in and I've got all of this tech.

 To be able to teach from my desk and so the woman asked, and it was a female pretty cool that was doing my AC check which I thought was awesome.

And she's like Oh, what do you do and I was like I teach accounting and, like her face this was like oh that sucks and I was like.

No, no, I really love it and she goes well who do you teach accounting to and she was like adults, she goes Oh, I took one accounting class in college, and that was it for me.

Will you ever look at Disney and horses the same?  I certainly don’t and I love Disney.  Melissa loves fraud and lifelong learning as I do and that is saying something.  Having amazing guests like Melissa makes my job so much fun.  If you could see how often I am laughing during these podcasts you would know why.  Thank you again for stopping by.  Next week is Tracy Maleef and you are going to be blown away by her story and mad OSINT skills.  See you next week.