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Episode 53 What Is Kelly Listening To?

October 26, 2021 Kelly Paxton, CFE Episode 53
Great Women In Fraud
Episode 53 What Is Kelly Listening To?
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This episode is about what Kelly is currently listening to.  It is a mix-up of crime, tech, current events, compliance, ethics, and behavioral science.  Podcasts add so much to my work life and my personal life.  Podcasts take you to a place we normally couldn’t go to regularly.  Listening to bigwigs, career advice, branding advice, sales advice.  Whatever you want or need I bet you can find it on a podcast.  So this episode gives you an idea of which podcasts I regularly listen to.  I would love to hear which podcasts you listen to and why.  

Links to podcasts and episodes mentioned:

Scheduling issues, life, and work have gotten in the way of my guests.  Never fear this next week you will get back to amazing Great Women or Dudes in Fraud. But in the meantime you might or might not be interested in the past year of this podcast and which podcasts I regularly listen to.  It’s a smorgasbord. You might be surprised and delighted.  This will not be all of my regulars because it would be way too long of an episode.  So if you are surprised a show isn’t here stay tuned for the next podcast recap. 

Podcasts have changed my life I tell people.  Why is that? Because we get to listen to amazing stories, guests, and people we normally would never get to hear.  It is a very intimate experience.  I think most podcasters would agree with me that it is an honor when you listen.  

Some statistics from Great Women in Fraud.  By the end of this week we will have hit 10,000 downloads.  I am over the moon and it is all because of you.  You listen and give reviews.  Love them and thank you so much!  Please keep them coming.  

This is a labor of love. It costs me money but I wouldn’t change that at all. Why?  Because maybe someone out there reaches out to a guest and they change their career path.  I know it has happened.  I won’t say who but it happened and it will continue to happen.  

I love being a fraud connector. This past week I have over 12000 LinkedIn Connections. Do you remember the episodes with Louise Brogan and Mel Stanley about LinkedIn and your brand?  Great information.  LinkedIn is so important.  

So what do I listen to?  As I said it is a total mixed bag.  I am going to start with Pivot with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway.  Every Tuesday and Friday they are on my must listens.  They each have their own podcasts too.  I am not as diligent in those. Funny story I have actually emailed Scott Galloway’s team to ask about his Brand Strategy Course and why there are only male presenters. Also, his office hour question part of the program is mainly tech bros asking questions.  I sent in a question a long time ago.  I don’t think they played it.  But I got back 3 emails. They are trying to add more females and diversity to the podcast and the Brand Strategy.

So what do I like about Kara and Scott?  They are timely. They don’t mince words.  I think they might be an acquired taste but you can’t ask for more timely and relevant tech and business. They have a banter.  Jungle Cat and the Dog. They also have Friends of Pivot with amazing guests.  Who takes on Mark Zuckerberg?  Kara and Scott.  Please let me know if you listen to them.

For True Crime Swindled is number 1.  I have even DM’d A concerned Citizen. I support Swindled via Patreon. That is commitment. I have a poster of his in my office. See I love to reach out to people.  Some of his stories interest me more than others but he has done numerous stories about #pinkcollarcrime. He might not know it is pink collar crime but he has done an episode on Rita Crundwell, The queen of Pink Collar Crime, The Scheme about Madoff (episode 69), Beach House Sheriff is a bonus and is shocking.  Episode 65 about Sandy Jenkins and the Fruitcake Bakery, Barefoot Bandit episode 54, So many amazing stories.  He certainly does his research.  

Another recent podcast that is a must-listen is Impostors: The Commandeer with Abby Ellin.  She was in episode 34. Her book and her story is amazing and she has done a freaking awesome job with the podcast.  

Of course I am currently listening to Bad Blood the Final Chapter with John Carreyrou.  Episode 7 was so good. I really want Michael Lewis to do a book on Theranos. I love Carreyrou’s book but I could see Lewis being even more up close and personal.  

I would be remiss without mentioning Great Women in Compliance.  Mary Shirley and Lisa Fine gave me the name for Great Women in Fraud. They started Great Women in Compliance and have done such a fantastic job with the podcast and their book, Sending the Elevator Back Down.  What they have done for the compliance community is so wonderful.  

Next up, The Investigation Game with Leah Wietholter.  She was on GWIF in Episode 4. We actually have met in person and I look forward to seeing her again.  Human Factor Security with Jenny Radcliffe.  She was on GWIF episode 32. What a fun episode.  She has asked me to be on hers soon. I can’t wait. Total imposter syndrome.  

For Audit listeners you need to take a listen to The Audit Podcast with Trent Russell.  I was honored to be a guest and he has just great guests and topics.  

In the Behavioral Science area and you guys know I am a total geek about that.  I listen to Christian Hunt of the Human Risk podcast.  I have been on 2 of his episodes and he does such an amazing job.  Behavioral Grooves with Tim Houlihan and Kurt Nelson is also fantastic.  They interview all the top people in Behavioral Science.  I will admit the one time I was nervous to be on a podcast was with them!  If you are at all interested in behavioral science please take a listen.  

Also, The Brainy Business podcast with Melina Palmer. What I love about her podcast is the variety of guest speakers along with the fundamentals that are easily put in practice in anyone’s business.  

Now the following might surprise you.  I have been long a fan of Amy Porterfield and Online Marketing Made Easy.  I kinda have a love hate with her show but there is no doubt I have learned a ton from her over the years.  She is consistent, kind, and compassionate.  Let me know if you listen to her?

Armchair Expert with Dax Sheppard and Monica Padmah is on and off again.  It really depends on the guests.  I love listening to this with my daughter.  They both do such a great job of interviewing all different types of celebrities.  Bill Gates, Adam Grant. He is a total geek with Adam Grant.  

Of course anything Adam Grant.  His podcast, Work Life is always great.

Ok I think I have given you quite a selection of my regulars but I will do another episode with some one offs that are great.  Think Hidden Brain with Shankar Vedantam, Freakonomics with Steven Dubner, Planet Money, Privacy Security, and Osint.  The Tim Ferris Show, The knowledge project with Shane Parrish.  

Cross Country ski season will be here soon and that is when I really ramp up my listening.  

I listen while walking the dog, doing my daily run.  When do you listen?  

I will have links in the show notes.  Thank you again for all your support.  Please keep guest ideas coming.  If you would like to be a guest please let me know.  

Have a great week.