Great Women In Fraud

Episode 57 Craig Stanland

November 23, 2021 Kelly Paxton, CFE Episode 57
Great Women In Fraud
Episode 57 Craig Stanland
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This is going to be a short week for a lot of people and you might be traveling. What a perfect time to get caught up on podcasts!  We have Craig Stanland, A Great Dude in Fraud, for our guests.  You know I like to interview people who have been on the other side so to speak.  I am picky however and really want to hear the personal side of their experiences.  Craig does a wonderful job of his personal experience and has written about it in his book, Blank Canvas.  Link in the show notes.  The book is so incredibly personal.  We were connected by Jeff Grant who you have listened to in episode 39.  

This past week I took a much-needed break and got to read and listen to podcasts at a beautiful beach. A new podcast I am listening to is The Criminology Academy.  Sally Simpson was a guest on episode 32.  I hope to have her on this podcast. Such interesting work and she used to live in Oregon!  Also, episode 30 with Wim Huisman was fantastic.  

The ACFE Nashville chapter made my day by including Great Women in Fraud as one of their Top 5 podcasts.  What an honor.  Stay tuned to Bad Blood the Final Frontier because Elizabeth Holmes is testifying this week.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let’s get started.

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Kelly Paxton: What is the best money you have spent personally or professionally?

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Craig Stanland: That is actually an easy one for me toastmasters.

Craig Stanland: It was my first let me think my first payment that was included the extra 20 for the membership on processing, but I think all total it came out to about $80 for six months that hands down was the best investment, I have ever made.

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Kelly Paxton: So who is a famous crook or COP that you would like to go have happy hour lunch or tea with.

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Craig Stanland: Oh, that is an interesting question.

You know, honestly, I would like to have lunch with them, and unfortunately this is an impossibility, but the agent that arrested me.

He passed a couple of years ago, which was really sad. He had apparently cancer just a couple years older than myself. I'm 48.

And, and I feel terrible about that. I really think that would be an interesting person to go out with and just to get a little deeper perspective of his side of the case and what he saw you know, I think that would be fascinating.

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Kelly Paxton: Oh, my God that would be so incredibly fascinating cuz like I mean I was a federal agent and there's a couple people who I think probably wanted to see what you know.

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Craig Stanland: Let's go with what gets me up in the morning, and that would be writing. I love the act of writing. I love the art of writing.

It is one of the most joyous experiences of my life when a sentence just comes together.

There are just times and it sounds so simple and easy, but sometimes there's a sentence that just flows and I write it and it.

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Craig Stanland: But that's it I you know I just I lost it, but then in prison.

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Craig Stanland: plenty of time and writing really helps save my life, you know to reconnect with that it really genuinely helped save my life.

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Kelly Paxton: So why don't you tell the audience your sort of story as to how you got to prison and what you've done since then, because I haven't you know set it up teed it up for you quite so well.

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Craig Stanland: I'll do the 40,000 foot view for everybody, so what I like saying in September 30 2013 I had pretty much had it all. I owned multiple homes I drove all the nice cars.

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Craig Stanland: Had a beautiful and amazing wife, I had the career, you know I wore five figure watches and went to all the nicest restaurants in Greenwich Connecticut and Manhattan.

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Craig Stanland: And then on October 1 2013 I lost it all that's the day that I was arrested by the FBI.

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Craig Stanland: For just under a year I committed fraud against one of the largest technology companies in the world, I found an opportunity to exploit their warranty policy for my financial gain and it was.

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Craig Stanland: So couple of things there, thank you for picking up on choice, and I want to actually address that really quickly, so there was a there was a time period where I use the word mistake.

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Craig Stanland: Who I used the word mistake. There was a lot of finger pointing out other people there was again that word mistake and then one day I just had it was inside prison I had this Epiphany.

Where I realized all these things that I was complaining about you know the prosecutor did misstate my network at sentencing.

He misstated it by an excess of $400,000 and I thought that you know negatively impacted my sentence and all that and I, and I realized I go no.

I knocked the first domino down buck stops with me, I made a choice and i'll tell you inside prison, I felt freedom.

Craig was so great to interview.  His candor and hope for the future is inspiring. 

His Tedx talk was amazing and I hope to do one too eventually. I have a new idea brewing and I am hoping Craig will be a part of it. Stay tuned. Not sure about next week but I have some ideas that hopefully will work out.  Thank you.