Great Women In Fraud

Episode 59 Cheryl Hyder

December 14, 2021 Kelly Paxton, CFE Episode 59
Great Women In Fraud
Episode 59 Cheryl Hyder
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Our GWIF guest today, Cheryl Hyder, always makes me smile when she calls me Pink.  And it’s funny because she is wearing pink today.  We talk all things fraud, pittie rescue, internal bias, neuroscience and lots more.

This past week one of my favorite podcasts, The Hidden Brain, did such a good job on how a good person can do bad things. I won’t spoil it for you but it is so good. And shout out to Shannon Slaughter who sent me a note telling me to listen. You guys are awesome.  What else was happening in my content devouring?  Of course more of Bad Blood The Final Chapter. Can’t wait for the verdict.  Totally unsure of how it will go.  

It has been one year since my book was released.  What a year it has been.  Not going to lie, it's been the hardest year of my life.  Someday you will hear why.  

Did you listen to the Swindled episode about the OB-GYN?  Lots of tweeting this week.  You know how much I love Twitter.  It offers so much and no FOMO there.  

 Let’s get started with Cheryl’s interview.

Adopt don't shop! 

Really .. adopt don't shop!

No.  It’s I knew it actually before I knew David who's one of the brightest men on the planet.

Yeah just don't tell him, I said that it's actually since you know the beginning of time since I started reading up on that stuff…

Okay alright well we'll go on that the pathway and somebody like Donnie Brasco.

Well, you know that that's not his real name, that's his undercover name.

The most harrowing experience in the world, you sneeze wrong to over I mean.

Right now I'm in northern Virginia just outside of the circus in DC and I am originally from South Jersey Philadelphia area where I still have my favorite sports teams. No offense to the DC teams. You're my backups.

You know my career started out, I was just a regular old CPA and you know, I was invited to join a firm that was getting involved in litigation support right, so the guys who trained me and what litigation support at the time was okay. You know we're FBI agents or I'm not at the I'm sorry IRS criminal investigators, excuse me, so they taught me their techniques, the mindset, etc, everything that went into it and, at that point, I say 90% or 80% of what we were doing this divorce-related.

We have an obligation, in other words to our profession to keep it moving, so you know, an answer to your question, my peers are pretty valuable resource it's something I don't take lightly and they know I don't.

And I think it's a mutual respect, but you know there's also the ability to understand how to do research. You know I can't just pick up this book oh look it's your book can't just pick up a book and say yep there's the answer I'm good and keep moving, you have to make sure that the answer.

We investigate facts we explore theories, we answer questions like what the hell happened and how did that happen, we do not antagonize or terrorize opposing parties and litigation, I actually had a client.

Tell me or tell in derivative litigation she told the opposing attorney to a case that spawned out of the original matter that I was engaged, for she said.

You know what you're either going to settle this with me and she's pointing her finger at this guy's face at the elevator literally, and I was standing right there.

I hope you enjoyed Cheryl as much as I do.  These podcasts are so hard to keep short because we could talk forever all things fraud.  Be sure to reach out to Cheryl on LinkedIn.  She provides great content regularly and is a true believer in sharing. She doesn’t just shine a light on what she has done but highlights others and provides resources.  The holidays are coming but I’ve got some great episodes lined up to keep you going. Thank you again for time in your ears. It means so much.